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‘He wants to leave me penniless’

21 Oct, 2020 - 09:10 0 Views
‘He wants to leave me penniless’


Stella Manzini, H-Metro Reporter

A woman has approached Kwekwe Civil Court seeking a protection order over the threats of violence, insults and malicious disposal of matrimonial property from her ex-husband.

Convenant Madzonga sought a protection order against Albert Kudiwa citing verbal abuse and insults.


She told the court that her husband wanted to sell all the property and go to his girlfriend with whom he is living.


“He has already sold the two cars that we owned despite being ordered not to sell the court and now he wants to sell the house too.


“He has been asking me to go back to my parents’ house.


“His aim is to leave me penniless and suffering with my kids whilst he enjoys life with his new mistress,” Madzonga said.


Madzonga also said the house and the things he is selling is in both their names.


“The house has both our names and l don’t know how he plans selling it because l am not going to allow that.”


Responding to the allegations, Kudiwa pleaded that the claim be dismissed citing that it would ruin him as a well-known businessman.


“Your Worship, I would appreciate it if the court dismisses the application because I am a well-known businessman and my image will be tarnished if people get to know of these allegations being made against me.


“She does not listen to me neither does she respect my family hence l am no longer interested in her.


“I have already paid for her divorce token customarily and l don’t understand why she still wants to be with me,” he said.


Presiding magistrate Mildred Mutuvi granted the order in Madzonga’s favor.

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