Arron Nyamayaro

THE wife of a United Methodist Church leader, whose final moments were dominated by a sex scandal, has praised her late husband as a very loving and caring man.

Emma Mwadiwa said that on the day he died, she accompanied her husband, the late Reverend Oscar Mukahanana, to visit an ailing church member in Chitungwiza.

“I want to thank God for the life I lived with my friend Oscar,” said Emma.

“Aindida neni ndaimudawo. Handina kana zuva rimwechete randakamborohwa na Oscar.

“He was so quiet and hated quarrelling “Whenever I raised my voice, he would remain quiet and sometimes leave to sit in another place to avoid noise.

“People have spoken and I was affected, felt the pain, but when God has allowed things to happen none can stop Him.”

She spoke about their final moments.

“On the day in question (when he committed suicide), we visited an ailing person in Chitungwiza and returned peacefully.

“He told me that he was going to attend a leaders’ meeting at the church premises, packed his things and left.

Emma Mwadiwa

“I never bothered calling him because he had talked about a meeting. I sent a message asking if he was about to finish and he replied that he was yet to finish.

“He later told me to eat, but I insisted that I was going to wait and share food with him.

“He never disclosed his intentions and later switched off his mobile phone. I received a call from one of the leaders and we started to search for him only to find him dead the following day.

“It is painful, thank you church for trusting in his leadership, thank you Mukahanana family for giving me a husband.

“I will continue praying to seek favour since I once faced death, but God added more days to my life.

“I will remember Oscar’s leadership, love and the nice clothes he used to buy for me. Ndinozivikanwa nekuchena.”

Their children, Emmanuel and Wadzanai, also spoke about their late father’s love.

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