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A HEADMAN ordered the burial of a woman, who died after being viciously assaulted by her husband, following the refusal by her relatives to be part of the burial ceremony unless they were compensated with nine cows and US$4000.

They claim the US$4000 is the outstanding lobola.

Farai Madotsa, 41, who is said to be a self-styled prophet in the Nyatate area of Nyanga, is accused of beating his wife, Penelope Yeukai Nyabanga, to death after a domestic dispute.

The incident has shocked Nyanga villagers.

It took nine days for Penelope to be buried under the orders of the headman after both parties failed to agree on the way forward amid compensation claims.

A close relative said both relatives were summoned by the headman, identified only as Mushonga, who ruled that Penelope be buried and compensation issues to be resolved later.

The order did not go down well with Penelope’s relatives, who then left the funeral wake before the burial.

“Madzibaba was just staying with the wife without paying anything to the relatives.

“So, they wanted US$4000 as lobola and, for the offence, they wanted nine cows and the demands were too heavy for them,” said a relative.

“The suspect’s relatives managed to get four cows but the deceased’s relatives still turned down the offer.

“They insisted that their relative will not be buried until the demands were settled.

“So, the impasse forced the killer’s relatives to approach the headman who then ordered the burial of the deceased.

“All the parties were there at the meeting but, immediately after leaving the headman’s place, the relatives packed their belongings and left.

“She was buried on Friday amid the tension.”

There are reports which claim Farai suspected that his wife was cheating on him.

Another relative said the couple was usually fighting.

“We thought it was their usual fights but it ended this way, itori ngozi yauya mumhuri.

“They were married for six years and were blessed with three children.”

Farai has since been remanded in custody after appearing at the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court where he is facing murder charges.

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