Zvikomborero Parafini 

HEALTH Services Commission legal manager, Wilson Matsika, is in the eye of a storm after he allegedly extorted US$1000 from an employee who had been suspended.

Her promised to help him to get him his job back.

Matsika appeared in court on Saturday.

The court heard that the complainant, Godwin Takaniwa, was dismissed from work as a result of a disciplinary hearing on allegations of misconduct.

Takaniwa filed an internal appeal against the decision of the disciplinary committee and it was rejected.

He then appealed  to the Labour Court and the matter was heard on January 25.

Matsika then invited Takaniwa to his office.

He allegedly offered to help him with the case that was before the court so that he could get his job back. 

In return Takaniwa was to pay for the service.

He turned down the offer.

On February 19, the Labour Court ruled in Takaniwa’s favor and it ordered that he should be re-instated without loss of salary and benefits.

Matsika was reluctant to implement the order from the Labour Court and went on to exert pressure by demanding US$1000 from Takaniwa.

He said this was meant to ensure they would not appeal against the Labour Court ruling.

Takaniwa reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission and a trap was set using US$300, which Matsika refused to accept.

He stated that the money was too little for the favour he was doing for Takaniwa.

After negotiations, Matsika demanded US$600 and, this time, he was nabbed after receiving the money.

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