Health time bomb looms

10 Jun, 2019 - 17:06 0 Views
Health time bomb looms Raw sewage inside one house


Tanaka Nyambo, H-Metro Reporter

A HEALTH time bomb looms in Glen View with sewage flowing in homes and streets.

Last year at least 33 people died of cholera in the same area where ‘sewage bursts’ have begun.

One of the residents, Tatenda Chirunga said:

“They say council does not have money but they must make a plan even exempting us from paying rates for a given period so that we channel those funds to replacing damaged property.

“We had to clean and stand in that flood bare footed without protective clothing and use our bare hands because we didn’t have protective gloves either.”

He appealed to city council to give them protective clothing for use.

In an interview yesterday Mayor Herbert Gomba said:

“The problem of Glen View and Budiriro is that they need new sewer lines and treatment plant, the houses built in those areas and the population are more than the capacity of the sewer networks there.

“We must now, as a council, work to build a 50 megalitre sewer treatment and upgrade all those lines.

“The costs must be over US$50m and the strategy is to get all debts owed by residents to ensure we invest in the refurbishment of the infrastructure which is old and inadequate and no longer coping,” he said.

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