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THE Meteorological Services Department has issued a warning that Zimbabwe will experience heavy rains, strong winds and thunderstorms until Friday.

The department has advised individuals to protect their property and avoid using electrical appliances during thunderstorms.

It said there would be localised heavier rains of 30mm that will be accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms.

MSD urged the public to take protective measures for both plants and livestock to avoid losses, and be on the lookout for fallen trees, damaged roofs and loose debris.

“A cloud band from the Atlantic Ocean is slowly approaching the country through Botswana.

“It encroached the western borders of the country on Saturday evening sweeping across the country from Sunday till Friday this week.

“This should result in scattered thunderstorms across the country and there will be lightning, localised heavier rains, strong winds and hailstorms in places,” the department said.

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