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HARARE Mayor Jacob Mafume has called on churches and schools to actively participate in waste management initiatives.

His call is aimed at addressing the issue of waste management in Harare.

Speaking at a Waste Management Stakeholder meeting, he said churches and schools can play a significant role in promoting responsible waste disposal.

He believes that by engaging religious leaders and their followers, they can promote a culture of responsible waste disposal.

“Churches have a unique ability to influence the attitudes and behaviours of their congregations.

“Nowadays people do not care where they drop litter, be it in the street, through the window of cars when travelling and some are even urinating at undesignated places and this is posing a challenge.

“Education is a powerful tool for shaping future generations.

“Through incorporating waste management principles into the school curriculum, we can cultivate a sense of environmental consciousness and responsibility among our young learners,” said Mafume.

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