Help without judging: Faith Candy

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Help without judging: Faith Candy


7 November 2018

MISS Curvy Zimbabwe 2018 contestant, Faith Candy, yesterday showed love to street kids in Harare after buying them food and bathing soap.

In an interview with H-Metro, the contestant said it was always her passion to help others.

“Besides doing charity work in campaigning for Miss Curvy Zimbabwe 2018, I have always wanted to help these kids.

“I am so happy that I got the opportunity to help them.

“My heart bleeds for the children that have no one to look after especially those who stay in a harsh environment like the streets,” said Faith Candy.

Faith Candy, who grew up as an orphan, said she knows the pain and difficulties of growing up without parents.

“I also grew up as an orphan and I wanted many things but I could not get them so I wanted to show people that those street kids need our help,” she said.

Faith Candy also said street kids have different situations so the world must not judge them.

“One can only understand their situation if he or she has experienced it before.

“Many of these children are put in those circumstances without their consent as they were abandoned in the streets by their parents.

“It’s not because they are lazy but others did not go to school so they cannot find jobs,” she said.

The contestant said she gave the children food.

“I managed to buy them food since most of the times I pass by, they told me they were hungry.

“I also bought bath and washing soap and promised to give them clothes,” she said.

Faith Candy said it feels good to help others and one can be blessed for that.

“I felt happy that I helped others and I know I will receive blessings for that.

“I promise I will do more than that since it makes my soul happy.

“All I can say to the world is that lets continue to help people without judging them,” she said.


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