Zvikomborero Parafini

ZIMBABWE Miners Confederation president, Henrietta Rushwaya, was released on bail in the fraud case which landed her in court yesterday.

The magistrate ruled that the State failed to provide any compelling reasons warranting her pre-trial detention.

Rushwaya appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

“The investigating officer wasn’t confident that this isn’t a civil matter as there’s a contract between the parties and where there’s a plausible explanation there’s a fighting chance for the accused person.

“The constitution is set that there must be compelling reasons before anyone is denied bail, the investigating officer placed nothing on record to demonstrate any attempts to flee by the accused person,” said the magistrate.

She was released on US$500 bail.

The case involves transactions between Rushwaya and the complainant, Dr Ashok Jain, who is chairman of NV Group of Companies, located in New Delhi, India.

Various sums, which the State claims eventually amounted to US$1 million, were exhanged with Rushwaya allegedly indicating she could assist Dr Jain to secure business opportunities in Zimbabwe.

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