‘Highlanders ECD will win the league’

09 Nov, 2018 - 18:11 0 Views
‘Highlanders ECD will win the league’ Gabriel Nyoni


9 November 2018

Gabriel Nyoni

Highlanders striker Gabriel Nyoni believes his club’s ‘junior policy’ project will earn them a PSL championship title in the near future.

Nyoni said while he is not proud with their current PSL position, he is not angry because it is part of their road to winning the league.

“We are not happy with our current position, but at the same time we are grateful for what we have achieved so far.

“Our team has a plan, the ECD project was not expected to yield results this year so everything is going according to plan.

“A lot of thinking was done before implementing the ECD idea, and we have confidence it will give us the result we want, which is winning the league,” Nyoni said.

He added that he is still confident Highlanders can make it to the top five finish this season.

“Yes we are left with only two games, but I still believe we can make it to the top five.

“We are not losing hope, we want to win these two games and finish the league at a much better position,” he said.



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