Highlanders strike ends

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Highlanders strike ends Bosso


8 February 2018

HIGHLANDERS yesterday announced the end of a strike that hit their pre-season preparations this week after reaching an agreement with the players.

In a statement yesterday, Highlanders chief executive Nhlanhla Dube said they regretted the incident.

“Highlanders Football Club wishes to announce that further to the work stoppage by some of our players, leading to them being excuse from pre-season camp.

“The Club’s leadership and the affected players have agreed to settle the various outstanding matters in keeping with the club’s laid down procedures.

“The two parties resolved the issue amicably and the players will join pre-season camp this evening to continue with their preparations for the new football season.

“Both parties sincerely regret this unfortunate incident that puts the image of the Club, sponsors, its various stakeholders and partners into disrepute.

“We wish to apologise for any and all inconvenience, discomfort and anxiety that may have been caused by this unfortunate incident.

“We remain committed to presenting a competitive side in the coming season,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, in earlier interviews some players had told H-Metro that they were demanding allowances, bonuses and salaries which they had not gotten.

“Believe me we want to train, we hate this situation more than anything else but we are just desperate to get our salaries.

“We are still to be paid our December salaries, they have been delaying the process and they keep telling us the same issue about the sponsors.

“We have been giving them a listening ear, trust me but we have run out of patience. We know if we boycott we will have their attention and they will probably act faster,” revealed one player to H-Metro.

Another player said they are not asking for much as even half of their salary will do.

“They shouldn’t have booked accommodation for us to camp. They could have easily gave us the money, we have rentals to pay and families to take care of.

“Even if that means we have to train coming from home, it does not matter, we are okay with that,” added the player.

While another player said:

“We respect the club and we love it so much, we have always been loyal to the team from day one.

“When we give them our services it’s in exchange with money, only if we were rich we would probably play for them for free.

“With the current living conditions in the country, we definitely can’t survive without money,” he said.

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