Hip-hop artiste pens song about sister’s death

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Hip-hop artiste pens song about sister’s death Brian Chiyadzwa


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A Highfield Hip hop artiste says he penned a song to mourn his sister whose boy was exhumed recently in Banket.

Brian Chiyadzwa, 23, said the death of his sister Kudzai Nyamayaro was not an ordinary death and left him with more unanswered questions and this forced him to pen a song ‘WHY’ to be released this week.

“This song is inspired by the death of my sister in an unclear circumstances and the life she lived prior to her death,” said Chiyadzwa.


“She was buried by hired men during the night and without her relatives, akavigwa sembwa and relatives forced her husband to exhume the body for a proper reburial.


“It touched me and the song ‘why’ expresses my feelings and has a general messages in our day to day life according to our traditions and culture.


“Besides her sad story my late sister was also an artist and her gift started during her participation in praise and worship teams at church.


“I recall how she would lead the church into worship and her voice had that anointing which I want to believe was still to be heard before the devil took her life.


“I wrote this song in memory of her and she was my mother’s daughter wishing her spirit to rest in peace,” said Chiyadzwa.


Brian, popularly known as Boi Triggz recorded his first song in 2016 and started performing on stage in 2017 where he participated in the Harare International Carnival which was held in the Central Business Centre.


He was inspired by Eminem and he geared to show that hip hop is a way of life and look forward to do collaborations with international artists.


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