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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

RISING Hip hop artiste Lionel ‘Mile’ Mhike says African societies need to preserve their cultures.

Mile drew his inspiration from his diverse travelling across different countries.

He was raised in Cuba and has travelled to different parts of the world including Spain, Ethiopia, USA, Cyprus and numerous other countries adding to his diverse background.


“I learnt to sing, rap, play guitar and drums in my formative years as an adolescent which later led me transcending into an RNB and hip hop singer.


“I have been to many countries where I have seen different cultural diversity and each country has their own way of doing things.


“I urge Zimbabweans to preserve our own culture,” he said.


The singer who to Zimbabwe in 2010 said he has been holding a series of success projects.


“Following my return home I have a series of successful projects under my belt and everything started to change for the better.


“My debut album Ghost was sonically wide-ranging as it included RNB, Soul and it was fairly successful with radio singles such as All dat, Stainglass and Ink among others.


“In reward, the debut earned a best newcomer nomination at the Zimbabwean hip hop awards,” he said.


In July 2016, Mile released another experimental alternative RNB Ep titled, After Midnight.


“Serving as my latest music offering, in 2017 I released my third LP, Trading hours which led me to signing with major record label Sony Music Africa in 2018.


“Since his signing I have released a single, Sober and an EP, Foreign policy.


“I am set to release my new album which will be titled, This too shall pass soon.”


The musically inclined youth drew inspiration from the experience and cultural exposure.


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