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RENOWNED medical practitioner, Dr Johannes Marisa, has called for tough sentences against those who are masquerading as doctors.

He shared his sentiments following the influx of bogus medical doctors operating at Parirenyatwa where some have been arrested in recent weeks.

About 33 bogus doctors were arrested at the hospital last year while 11 others have been arrested since January this year.

“Bogus doctors seem to be on the increase and it’s undeniable that the unfavourable economic environment, drug abuse and mental illness are driving the nuisance.

“Patients end up getting conned of a lot of money by the so-called doctors, who are only after money. Medicine is seen as a lucrative business in this world,” he said.

Dr Marisa, who is also known for his philanthropic work, added:

“It is thus prudent to tighten security at the hospitals with proper registers of all working staff.

“Identification of staff should be easy with unique identification cards that should be electronically verified.

“Deterrent court sentences should be given to discourage such behaviour.”

Felix Tagonera, who masqueraded as a gynaecologist, was busted at Parirenyatwa and dragged to the courts of law. Afterwards, Douglas Mutoredzanwa was arrested after he was caught reading an X-ray upside down.

The latest bogus doctor to be nabbed is Blessing Nyanzira, who was remanded in custody.

Parirenyatwa loss control officer Claude Nyangani was the one who effected Nyanzira’s arrest.

Nyanzira claimed he was a Medical student at the University of Zimbabwe.

After thorough verification with the UZ Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Services, it was discovered he was a fake doctor.

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