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Mary Mutamiri

AWARD-WINNING Zim Hip-hop artist, Holy Ten, says he will always value feedback from his fans because it will help him grow into the artist he wants to be.

The musician has received criticism for his latest album, titled Energy.

Speaking to H-Metro, through his manager, Shawn Maguma, he said:

“We really value feedback from our fans.

“There is valuable criticism we see sometimes, we apply it, and use it for our benefit,” said Shawn.

He added: “Then, there is just negativity from naysayers, which is sometimes violent and unreasonable.

“It comes from people with ill intentions, we ignore that and focus on the real positive criticism.

“Thank you for the criticism. Both positive and negative criticism helps us.”

However, Shawn said the experience of preparing the album was quite enjoyable.

“The album’s preparations were quite demanding yet enjoyable.

“We knew of the expectations people had, so we worked hard to give them the best of Holy Ten.

“Challenges arose but we can safely say we overcame them,” said Shawn.

He also disclosed that the experience was challenging.

“For me, the challenge was on track selection.

“Having over 30 tracks to choose from, and narrowing the album to just the 10 well-suited for the album, was a challenge.

“Liaising with corporates to partner with, and collaborate to make the project a success, was also a challenge.

“I am just glad we overcame these challenges and received the support we needed,” he said.

Despite all the criticism some critics have been throwing at Holy Ten’s album, Shawn said they feel it is the chanter’s biggest achievement.

“The album is our biggest achievement.

 “One of the songs, Too Scared broke our own records, in terms of views, within 24hrs of its release.

“We also have surpassed the 100k subscriber mark on YouTube.

“It’s an honour to be the first Hip Hop artist in Zimbabwe to surpass this and joining a few other Zim musicians with this honour,” he added.

Shawn said Holy Ten was working on the album’s visuals, which will be released in due course.

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