Holy Ten-inspired rapper dreams big  

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Holy Ten-inspired rapper dreams big   Holy Ten


Lovemore Meya

A Holy Ten inspired rapper from Chitungwiza, Lovely Kid, is raring to go and carve his name in the genre that has never been an easy fit for many.

Lovely Kid, whose birth name is Tinofara Gwazai, has since released three singles at the age of 17, and three collaborations and is proving to be a force to reckon with in this cut-throat music industry.

Lovely Kid

Over the years in Zimbabwe, Hip hop music was synonymous with big names such as Mudiwa and Stunner, but many young and energetic musicians have since changed the musical landscape by releasing thought-provoking lyrics.


Some of these young talents include Ti Gonzi, King 98, Takura and Asaph among others.


And this is the same gang that Lovely Kid is pursuing to be part of.


“I started doing music in 2017 when I used to do renditions of Jah Master’s music,” said Lovely Kid.


“Thereafter, in 2018, I then decided to do my own compositions till I went into the studio last year.


“The first song I did titled Go Away, featuring Kay Tee is about of young lovers that goes their separate ways. And in a fit of rage, the boy pours out his frustration through a song.”


His second track, Mahora, talks about his lyrical prowess and dares fellow musicians that they are no match with him.


As his message revolves on a love theme, Lovely Kid exhibited his talent on Remote Control riddim by releasing a love track titled, Mwana Ndokuda.


Another song, Ndadziya Kupfuura Hot, is a track, in which he talks of how fellow artists were being charmed by his dexterity in the genre and were starting to envy him.


In some of his songs, Lovely Kid collaborated with Tyler Kid, King Verd and Kaytee.


The soft-spoken young talent hinted that this year has got surprises for his fans and will be releasing more music.


“I already did six collaborations and so far, three of these tracks, namely Taifara Tese, Mwari Anotichengeta and Kumangoma have been released. The remaining three will be released in June,” he said.


He added, “This year, I am planning to do videos for some of my music and feature big artists like my role model, Holy Ten and Ti Gonz.”


The former Zengeza 2 High student is currently studying towards a National Certificate in motor mechanics specilising on diesel engine does his recording at Tripple T, in St Mary’s.

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