Yemurai Dyakonda

SAINTFLOEW claims Holy Ten is stalking him on social media.

The Silas Mavende hit-maker reckons Holy Ten is “desperate for attention” through his social media rants targeted at him.

He cleared the air amid claims the two were in the process of collaborating on new songs, which Saintfloew denied.

“I am not going to release any music with Holy Ten.

“He is childish as he keeps mentioning my name all the time to get some attention from fans.

“It’s annoying now that he follows me just to take pictures and videos and make it look like we are in good books,” he said.

Saintfloew said no one would convince him to work together with Holy Ten after they parted ways a long time back.

“Holy Ten is obsessed with me or something but by now I think he should just admit the fact that we are on two different roads.

“He needs to concentrate on his brand and being his own man,” he added.

Saintflow and Holy Ten are some of the household names in showbiz, who are doing well at the moment.

The pair has been holding gigs, which have attracted good crowds, both locally and overseas.

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