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SOUTH Africa-based jazz crooner, Norman Masamba, says home is best despite establishing himself across the Limpopo.

The 33-year-old, who has been in the neighbouring country for the past five years, believes it’s time he is also appreciated by his fellow countrymen and women.

Masamba was reunited with locals at the just-ended Stanbic Jacaranda Music Festival.

“When I came back from South Africa to perform at this year’s Jacaranda Music Festival, I never thought I was going to extend my stay here in Zimbabwe.

“Of course, Zimbabwe is my home but I had no intention whatsoever to extend my stay here.

“Several promoters started calling and giving me shows, which shows that they enjoyed my music.

“I was also shocked to hear people singing along to my music as well, at the festival, which meant a lot to me.”

He added:

“I’m copying from Louis Mhlanga’s template, he is big both in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“A lot of South Africans don’t even know that he is originally from this side because he has settled well.

“I am following in the same footsteps and it pays off for me because I am learning from the best.”

Masamba, who established himself as Victor Kunonga’s band member before going solo, believes in originality.

“I have managed to settle in South Africa due to authenticity.

“It’s hard to settle in a foreign land as an artist when you are not playing original stuff.

“I have established a base in Pretoria where I mainly play for diplomats, hotels, and other private functions.

“In South Africa, I work with a Tsonga musician called Freedom Maboya who made my second album Kunorima in 2021.

“I have also roped in a Ghanaian bass guitarist called Eric and everything is going according to plan.

“During my stint here, I have roped in Jah Prayzah’s former band member Biggie Katuka as one of my band members.

“On Friday, we are performing at Bar Rouge and he will be calling the shots as he knows the local showbiz scene.”

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