Home seekers raise concern over stands allocation

Peterson Marivadze

Home seekers under Masasa Park Private Limited have raised concerns amid confusion over residential stands payment and allocation.

The situation came after a clash between the land owner and the housing cooperatives in the area where payments are now being directed to Masasa Park Private Limited Trust raising fears among members who were paying to the cooperatives.

Members who spoke to H-Metro said there is confusion as some of the members who paid to the cooperatives are now being told to pay directly to the land owner.

Members would make their payments through the cooperatives which will then pay to the land owner (Masasa Park Pvt Limited).

Masasa Park is being represented by one Thomas Richie who has appointed Last Mbizvo to do the ground work on his behalf.

Such a setup has led to concerns being raised.

Contacted for comment, Mbizvo said, the issue is being dealt with procedurally.

“Members should be assured that their money is safe and they are paying directly to the Masasa Park Trust.

“The first question is, who gave these cooperatives the land and we won a case against them kucourt.

“We have an eviction order against them which we will effect soon, it’s only that we are treating the matter amicably.”

“Anyone who has issues with Masasa Park should approach our lawyers and these cooperatives have their lawyers as well,” he said.

While contacted for comment, one of the cooperatives, Mukuvisi Tashinga Housing Cooperative’s representative, Lloyd Mutsipa could not give much details.

“Our lawyers are communicating with Masasa Park Pvt Limited lawyers on the way forward.”

Another official from Tushasha Housing cooperative, said:

“We cannot dwell much into this issue but everything is being handled by our lawyers.”

However, some members believe there should be clarity over the stands allocation in the area.

“People can lose money without trace, because we were placed on these stands under the cooperatives but we are advised to pay directly to Masasa Park.

“We are bypassing the procedure yemacooperatives and we are now worried since we can easily lose the money and get no stand.

“It’s very tricky,” said another member.

While some are saying, it seems there is a war between the cooperatives and Masasa Park Pvt Limited.

“There seems to be a war because those who are representing Masasa Park are now bypassing the cooperatives who have been working with some members.

“Some were allocated stands before and now anyone can come and get an allocation under the same area which is causing confusion.”

Said another member:

“These people are taking money skipping the cooperatives, they are taking money directly from members and other public members.

“I feel they are undermining the authority of cooperatives and this is going to be a disaster.

“We just need transparency into this because nyaya dzemastands idzi vazhinji vari kubirwa through some of these processes,” said another member.

H-Metro is in possession of some documents which are conflicting with the situation on the ground.

The land owner, Yusuf Ahmid died in 2021 and the documents are stating that he resigned yet he died.

There are some queries on the CR14 which show the directors of the company.

One Tom placed himself as one of the directors, on May 16, 2022 yet he has been signing for other papers since 2012.

“I think Mbizvo needs to be very sure about the person he is representing, are they sure about the paperwork.

“These guys have been collecting money from the land that has already been occupied.

“There is suspicion that a sub-division permit hasn’t been processed yet there is an application which was made in 2019 yet they are saying they are processing it now.

“So there is something suspicious. They are pushing members to pay the money directly to Masasa Park.

“It’s heading for a disaster, because some cooperatives are now worried since they gave space to some people who are now questioning them,” said a source.


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