Homecoming show for Cheso Power

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Homecoming show for Cheso Power ALICK Macheso


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ALICK Macheso has just returned from a successful tour of South Africa where he brought the house down in a number of shows.

Now, back on home soil, he says it’s time to provide the early Christmas party fireworks starting with his welcome show slated for Werras Park in Glen View tonight.

The show marks the return of the sungura kingpin from his hugely successful tour of South Africa.

He is expected to share the stage with Zimdancehall star Killer T.

The venue has managed to raise its appeal by its association with top artists creating a safe environment in the ghetto.

“We are excited to be back home and invite all our fans to make a date with us at Werras Park for our welcome back show.

“This is also a start of a string of gigs to mark that we have lined up to usher our fans into a memorable festive season,” said Macheso’s handler, Tich Makahamadze.

For Killer T, who even got the moniker ‘Chairman’ because of his strong ties with the ghetto, it also feels more like a homecoming show.

“Hazvipere mushe, let’s meet at Werras Park this Friday where we will create more memories, usasare,” said Killer T in a promotional video.

Organisers have assured fans that there are no rain fears and they can make their way to Glen View 1 ready to have fun.

The platform has been designed to bring artists closer to their fans.

The show starts at 6pm.

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