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EVEN though it’s a car which wasn’t even on the roads before the turn of the millennium, it’s one that has exploded around the globe picking various awards and dominating sales.

The Honda Fit has become a car of choice, on  Zimbabwean roads, thanks in part to its affordability and its reputation as a fuel saver.

So far, so good.

But, it’s also a small car which has developed a reputation of notoriety in this country.

It provides the biggest chunk of vehicles involved in the wild world of the no-rules Mushikashika menace where traffic lights don’t exist and lanes are just mere markings.

The number of accidents, involving Honda Fit vehicles in this country has also been quite high.

Experts say the large volume of such vehicles, on the country’s roads, probably explains why they become a common factor, when accidents occur.

Two years ago, a Honda Fit was involved in a head-on collision with the car Genius Kadungure was driving, along Liberation Legacy Way (Borrowdale Road), resulting in the death of the flamboyant businessman and three of his friends.

It’s also a car which has also been used in a number of armed robberies, including the daring mid-morning raid at Newlands Shopping Centre, in Harare, earlier this year.

In Bulawayo, the leading daily newspaper there, Chronicle, dubbed the car as, ‘The Face Of Crime In the City.”

That’s quite a very bad reputation.

“She is portable yet spacious and that her fuel consumption is easy on the pocket is a plus.

“Everyone wants her in their car port.

“But the city has lost its sanity to unregistered pirating Honda Fit and their reckless drivers.

“They park in no-parking zones and stop to drop off and pick up customers haphazardly.

“Sadly, some have gone on to use Honda Fit as crime rooms. As a result all manner of vice has been associated with the Honda Fit.”

But, in recent weeks, the Honda Fit has also been gaining another mythical reputation in this country.

It is being hailed as “the strongest car” on the country’s roads.

Images of a number of Honda Fit vehicles, which would have been involved in accidents, still in an upright position, while other vehicles would have overturned, have been flooding social media.

“There is a really strong belief that Honda Fit is a very strong car and it’s a reputation which is growing here in Zimbabwe,” said a motorist in Harare yesterday.

“Maybe, this is why the Mushikashika drivers literally fly on our streets because they believe they are well protected, even in the event that they have accidents.

“There is no science to support that but you know, when people start believing something, it’s hard to tell them it might not be true.”

Yesterday, the myth even grew stronger when a Honda Fit, involved in an accident at the Coca-Cola complex along Seke Road, could be seen in the upright position, despite being hit by a truck which even landed on the Honda Fit’s roof.

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