Tadious Manyepo

Black Rhinos………………………(0)2

Manica Diamonds……………….(1)1

BLACK Rhinos can see the light again after leaping off the base of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League with a 2-1 comeback win over title-chasing Manica Diamonds at Bata yesterday.

With the win, Rhinos moved off the bottom of the league standings, swapping places with army rivals Cranborne Bullets, who lost against Sheasham at the same venue, on Saturday.

Although they still sit precariously in the drop zone, Rhinos have a mathematical chance to survive especially after lifting their spirits in yesterday’s win.

Even the manner in which they picked the full points was awe-inspiring, coming from behind to garner the victory.

Fortune Binzi, who took his tally to 10 goals, thrust Manica Diamonds into the lead midway through the first half before Lot Chiwunga and Garikai Dematsika scored for the home side in the second stanza.

Black Rhinos coach Saul Chaminuka saluted his men.

“I am more than excited especially given the fact that we got this win coming from behind,” he said. 

“We have played plenty of games and when the opponents led, we have never been able to come back.

“But, to have done we did today is a plus for the boys. 

“It boosts their confidence, I think this is the turn around.

“We should win our next games. We need to win at least five games to survive. That’s our target. It has been very long. 

“We have always been training hard and it’s now coming up well. We have been creating chances, a lot of them but it hasn’t been crossing the line.”

His opposite number, Jairos Tapera, was disappointed with outcome of the match.

“I think in terms of play, the game was very open with both teams clearly having an intention to play,” said Tapera.

“The team that scored more goals won the game. We did everything, played excellently, our goalkeeper was superb from start to finish but we conceded two late goals against a determined team. 

“But, from the day I joined Manica Diamonds, I never talked about the championship. 

“We have never been a championship-chasing team. There are big teams who have been in the league for many years and they have been building. 

“Probably, they are ready but where we are also good for the team. 

“We have done very well.”

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