Hotstepper dreams big

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Kadoma based singer Tichawona “Hotstepper” Chandavata is dreaming big despite being away from Harare which is regarded as a major barrier to make a breakthrough in the music industry.

His father dreamt of becoming an artist, but the industry had proven dreams were not for him.

Hotstepper draws inspiration from his late father Edson who was also a musician.

He has just released two singles Zarura Moyo and Usaputsa Chirongo Wasvika and has decided to release his debut album soon.

The 36-year-old is making final touches as he brainstorms on a title which he believes will make a name on the showbiz scene.

“Being away from Harare is a barrier to many artists. There is a perception that if you are not in Harare, it’s hard to make a breakthrough.

“My father was a musician, but sadly he failed to get the much-needed support to record. I am determined to revive his legacy and take it to another level.

“The journey has not been that rosy. You know how it is, hailing from the dusty streets of Kadoma, far away from Harare where everything seems to happen.

“The feedback I received from my first singles gave me strength to work on a forthcoming album which will be dropping anytime soon,” he said.

He said the album will be about him fulfilling his dreams.

“Being focused on my vision, accepting constructive criticism and not listening to people who discourage me from my endeavour have been the greatest strength towards my career.”

Hotstepper has also saluted veteran musician, Kireni Zulu for supporting him.

“Kireni has also played a pivotal role in shaping my career. I used to assist him in his band before I weaned myself to pursue solo projects.

“He is one of the musicians I looked up to for inspiration and advice.”

Hotstepper expressed his frustrations over the lack of support from music promoters.

“The local music industry is awash with talent, but lacks promoters.

“Making it to the top is not easy in this industry without adequate support from promoters.

“I am privileged that businessman and philanthropist Taurai Ruvinga of Simkee, a transport and earthmoving company, has been able to support my career.

“This is the man who has been supportive to me so that I fulfil my musical dream. He has been doing everything for me and I cannot thank him enough.”

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