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HOUSEBREAKING and muggings are on the increase in Mabelreign and surrounding suburbs, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has said.

Mabelreign Police Station Officer in charge responsible for crime, Inspector Mutushwa, said criminals were breaking into premises and stealing valuables ranging from cellphones, gas tanks, television sets and laptops, among other things.

He was speaking at a service delivery meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Combined Residents and Ratepayers Association (ZICORRA) at Hallingbury Primary School on Saturday.

“As the police, we are engaging the community. We are working hand in hand with the community so that we carry out patrols,” he said.

“We analyse crime on a daily basis to see which area was hit the most and then we engage the community. 

“They bring in resources like motor vehicles and we give them police officers to carry out patrols in affected areas.”

He added:

“You are the ones who stay in the neighbourhood and you must have your own people that will be watching the neighbourhood so that whatever sign of suspicious persons you see, you take them to the police station or call the police station advising that you have people who are suspicious and they can’t satisfactorily explain what they are doing in our neighbourhood.

“We will be quick to rush there, bring them to the station, interrogate them and then establish the purpose of their visit in a specific neighbourhood.

“We also have a concern with muggings, what we call robberies, there are some predators on the prowl.

“They will be waiting for their victims in tall grass, especially in the wee hours of the morning or dusk time when the majority of people are coming from work. 

“We urge you that whenever you are walking on foot, avoid using secluded parts, avoid walking alone along dark alleys but rather use main roads where you can see people walking around.

“We also urge you to secure your screen doors on every entry that leads into the house, be it the kitchen door or other doors. Also put screens on passage doors.”

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