How about a healthier way of living?

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How about a healthier way of living?


 Take a look around and see just how many amongst us are battling obesity. So many people are overweight these days. Due to the weight; they end up suffering from all sorts of conditions. Diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension are just some of these conditions that are befalling people lately.


I was speaking to a shocked female colleague the other day. She could not believe that she had been labeled obese by her doctor following a very high blood pressure count. Looking at her; she is quite trim and svelte. She looks good. Even I could not understand how they could say she was overweight. But she had been suffering from severe headaches and even nose bleeding for a few days.


Careful investigations by the doctors had shown that she needed to lose as much as 10 kilogrammes to be within her body mass index (BMI). She is tall and trim. So when you look at her; you cannot help but admire her body. You would never dream that someone like her could be called overweight. But apparently that is the reality. As you walk around today; do you know what your ideal BMI is? Or maybe the question to be asking is whether we actually know how much we weigh? How many of us know how much we weigh as we go around?


If you happen to be one of those with no clue; maybe it is high time you found out. It is important to know how much we weigh and how much we should ideally weigh. Some of the health conditions that are killing us today are a result of the weight we are carrying on us. The weight, which is largely fat; means we walk around with lumps of fat; which at times end up clogging our vital organs. That is very much dangerous.


How many times have we heard of people just collapsing lately? How many times have we heard of people presenting with conditions that have become so advanced that not much can be done for them? Half the time; we hear these conditions are a result of the lifestyle choices we make. We spend too much time seated these days. We spend too much time driving. We also eat too much.  As we eat too much we don’t really pay attention to what it is we eat. Fast foods have become a way of life. Take-aways are what others swear by.  Some people have no appreciation whatsoever for home cooked meals. Some; only appreciate meals that have been prepared using lots of oil. They have no idea as to the health implications of these habits they would have adopted.


There are also some who over-drink.  While adults may use their discretion and drink as and when the fancy takes them; medical and health experts say that excessive drinking has dire consequences. Those who over-drink will suffer the consequences at some point or other. If you follow tips about healthy living habits you will definitely see that drinking too much alcohol, fizzy drinks or even junk food is not encouraged. Neither is it good to always be sedentary and not partake in any physical activity whatsoever,


Many of us today drive even round the block. We can no longer walk to the vegetable stall just around the block. We do not exercise at all. We cannot even carry any weight. But we eat and drink even more. It is killing us.   On top of this; we make poor choices, which has seen some of us sleep with two or more people at the same time. We sleep around and in most cases; this is not even safe sex. Just check the kind of stories H Metro has to run with on a daily basis. Daily H Metro is uncovering some illicit affairs between men and women which in most cases indicate a low condom use. In fact in most of these; it seems as if condoms are never used. Even those who know that this person is with someone else are amazingly comfortable to have unprotected sex with these partners. Some even pick up sex workers and still do not use condoms.


As if this is not bad enough; we also have a very poor health seeking behavior. Very few of us go for check-ups regularly. We do not go for regular health check-ups as the right way to live life. In some settings; people get health check-ups quite regularly. But in most of our set-ups; people only show up at the health facility when things are really bad. People show up at the health facility when all has gone haywire. In such instances; there is very little that can still be done. A person would have really wasted or deteriorated by the time that there is a cry for help. Because by nature; we tend to suffer through our problems hoping they will go away at some point.

It does not work that way.


Today; we have cancers that are a cause for concern. The slogan with cancers is “early detection saves lives.” What this means is that only those who present early enough have a chance to get some mitigation.  It is the same with every other condition. Those who present early enough; at times have a better chance of beating the problem. Even with HIV; people are encouraged to get tested early so that they may be put on treatment early. That way; one prevents complications from arising and the can prolong a good quality life.


As we mobilize for the Zimpapers Cancer Power Walk in partnership with Island Hospice; which is scheduled for the 4th of November at Old Hararians Sports Club from 5:30am; why not pay more attention to our health? Why not do more to look after ourselves? Why not eat better? Why not exercise more? Why not go for regular health checks? Why not just be more aware of what is around us? Why not make informed choices and decisions when it comes to our health?  Why not join in when we walk for Cancer next Saturday?



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