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QUESTIONS are being asked as to how bogus doctor, Douglas Mutoredzanwa (43), was able to get his hands on Pethidine, which is regarded as a dangerous drug.

Mutoredzanwa was arrested last week after exposing himself by examining a patient’s X-ray while holding it upside down.

A fortnight ago, another fake doctor (gynaecologist), Felix Tagonera, was arrested at Parirenyatwa and was released on US$100 bail.

Sources told H-Metro pethidine was among the dangerous drugs at Parirenyatwa Hospital and as a result, it is very protected.

“He took pethidine, which is a dangerous drug, and there are procedures that are supposed to be taken when a doctor or nurse wants to administer that drug to a patient,” the source said.

“So, when dealing with pethidine you have to be very careful as it is described as a dangerous drug, every dose should be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner before being administered as continued use can lead to addiction.

“We monitor it as it has addictive elements and once one gets addicted, they cannot live without it. It’s called a dangerous drug hence pethidine is locked away and whoever takes it should sign for it as it is highly monitored.”

Pethidine is a pain-relieving drug that has a feel-good effect. 

It is used in emergency departments and post-surgery stages of health care.

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