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Trust Khosa

THE plot was the same and the word was similar COVER.

One party, the H-Metro journalists, simply wanted to cover DJ Fantan’s initial court appearance at Mbare Magistrates’ Court.

The other party, DJ Fantan and his friends, wanted to provide a cover around the event, so that the world would never know about it.

DJ Fantan had misled the nation and fans into believing our exclusive story about him being charged with domestic violence was fake.

This was despite the police confirmation, which buttressed our story.

As usual, our reliable moles had already briefed us on how his team intended to smuggle the burly entertainer into the courtroom using the back door.

Since he was coming to court from home, after being released into the custody of his lawyer on Tuesday night, DJ Fantan wanted to evade the media attention at all costs, especially H-Metro lenses.

Unfortunately, our reliable digital and social media duo of Rest Mutore and Latwell Nyangu, had already arrived at Mbare Magistrates’ Court at 6:30 am.

Thirty minutes later, our Courts and Crime reporter Mathew Masinge arrived to follow proceedings in the courtroom.

It never dawned on DJ Fantan’s team that they had been trapped by the H-Metro crew in their own “backyard” of Mbare.

Our team was further bolstered by the arrival of our reporter Curtworth Masango and Arron Nyamayaro, our fiery photojournalist.

Curtworth’s task of the day was to just mingle around and hear whatever was being said.

Since they didn’t know him, they said just about everything in his presence.

He gathered what DJ Fantan’s team of sympathisers said and how they would execute their plan to avoid the media.

Arron’s task was to move around the complex recording videos and taking pictures of prominent people, especially DJ Fantan’s associates.

Latwell also monitored the arrival of DJ Fantan’s inner circle as well as water-marking pictures.

With the co-ordination of Rest, the duo captured some of Fantan’s friends – producer Levels, who deserves special mention for being a gentleman, and one-hit wonder Ras Caleb of the Tokwe Mukosi fame.

A seething Ras Caleb appeared to be fighting in DJ Fantan’s corner who was dragged to court by his wife, Gamuchirai Nemukuyu.

After waiting for a couple of minutes outside, DJ Fantan arrived in a silver Mark X along with his wife.

Clad in a trendy tracksuit and matching trainers, the energetic performer disembarked his car in high spirits.

After noticing the presence of the H-Metro crew, he stopped and waved at us.

He sarcastically advised us to write a screaming headline before he was escorted into the courtroom.

Now we know, he reads our headlines.

However, DJ Fantan used a different entrance with a sign which reads “Strictly Officials Only” to enter the court.

How he got that special treatment and grand entrance is a story for another day.

Suddenly, the usually hyperactive and bubbly DJ Fantan cut a forlorn figure inside the courtroom, when he noticed things were not going according to plan.

His team was equally shocked when his wife refused to withdraw the charges.

After the disagreements, she was forced to go back home on foot even though she had arrived in the same car with Fantan.

The Mbare bred chanter, who is known for being friendly to reporters, charged at Rest quizzing him why he had written the story, which left him with a battered image and bruised ego.

Rest remained as calm as ever and boldly told the Chillspot Records that he was only doing his job as a journalist.

Among DJ Fantan’s inner circle, only producer Levels remained composed.

To say he showed maturity would be an understatement. 

Maybe level-headed sums it all. 

DJ Fantan will be back in court on May 20 for trial where more drama is expected to unfold.

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