The day Ruvheneko grilled Wicknell

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The day Ruvheneko grilled Wicknell


29 April 2016


Wicknell Chivayo and Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

H-Metro brings you the recent interview that was broadcast live on ZiFM between Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and Wicknell Chivayo on the former’s programme called The Platform.

The interview is as near-verbatim as possible and Ruvheneko asks Wicknell all the hard questions. Read on . . .

Good evening and welcome to The Platform, I am Ruvheneko and we are broadcasting live from Newlands in Harare.

And I bring you this show every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm until 8:30.

Tonight, we are speaking to Wicknell Chivayo, dare I not add the Sir in front of that, Sir Wicknell Chivayo.

I am gonna read a brief of what is said about him when you google his name on the internet, this is what the internet says about him.

Wicknell Chivayo is a controversially outspoken business person and socialite who is better known for making jaw breaking statements on his Facebook Page lambasting at poor people as well as females.

He is referred to as BIG particularly because of the similarity in looks to the former American singer.

Ruvheneko: Sir wicknel how are you?

WC: Fine thanks and how are you

Ruvheneko: I am good, is that an accurate description of you, there was a lot said about you controversial, outspoken is that true, Munozvitsvaga here?
WC: Yah well, not at all

Ruvheneko: So why do they say stuff like this?
Wicknell: You know people don’t know what’s controversial and when you got money and others don’t they say that’s controversy, that’s not how you define controversy.

Ruvheneko: So my boss always says when he meets people, ‘Hi, what are you well known for?’ So what are  you well known for?
Wicknell: Making money!

Ruvheneko: Making money? And there are a lot of questions raised on about how you make your money, I got a lot of questions on twitter today of people wanting us to ask you how did you end up with so much money, what did you do to have so much money. Let me speak to the side of people who want to know what it is that you do or how you are the person that you are, so tell how you are Sir Wicknell with this much money you want us to believe?
WC: (laughs) I am surprised you would even be asking me that.

Ruvheneko: Why, I don’t know.
WC: I am all over the PAPERS for signing big deals…

Ruvheneko: But these tenders happened in the last couple of months, the big ones, maybe few years ok.
WC: Not months, years, when you see me on ZBC singing deals what it means is that ZPC is going to pay me US$123 million that’s not a joke, literally that’s what it means.

Ruvheneko: But before that you were always known as businessman who has made his name in the industries. For instance how did you make your first million Rands at 19 or million dollars at 23, so let’s back date to 10 years back…
WC: You see Ruvheneko, it’s very difficult to say how you made your first million, but I have always been a hard worker, I have a company in South Africa, registered Intratrek in Zambia, running something in Mozambique and last I was in England last week, registering another company in England. I am all over, I am all over, I am just a hard worker

Ruvheneko: So will get into that a little bit later, we would like to know what you were before this, the person you portray on social media is the one you want us to see. I know people wanted us to jump right into talking about ZIFA but I can’t spend the whole hour talking about that. I read an article in our local newspaper saying you are too busy to get married.
WC: You know, I was misquoted. That’s the same destructive journalism that I disregard, you know. I am out there begging some woman to marry me but some headline says I am too busy to get married, who doesn’t want to get married, who doesn’t want to have children,

Ruvheneko: (laughs) so there is a woman
WC: Yes.

Ruvheneko: So do you care to tell us who she is.
WC: Never ever.

Ruvheneko: So you hoping to take this further
WC: Yes sort of, yeah I am off the market.

Ruvheneko: So let’s play a game of true or false. Do you have children?
WC: No.

Ruvheneko: None that you know of?
WC: Hah no hah no.

Ruvheneko: Do you believe in a good woman helping a man build his empire?
WC: Yes I do.

Ruvheneko: Were you at Cranbone Boys High?
WC: Yes.

Ruvhenek: The game is true or false not yes or no, I understand you dropped out of school when you were form two in 1996.
WC: No in 1996 was in form four, I wrote my O-levels in 1996 and never went back to school.

Ruvheneko: Tell us about that, what were your reasons for not finishing school or maybe your background?
WC: Obviously when someone makes it in life there are interesting stories, my father passed away when I was in Grade 2 and I was always naughty at Cranborne and that’s when my mum took me to a Matabeleland boarding school away from lights, after my father died my mum was struggling. My father was a very rich man. Soon after O-level, I had backup from my father’s friends and I started hustling in selling cellphones in 1997. I always was a hustler. Things started flowing until I got to where I am today.

Ruvheneko: So you never went back to school or had any tertiary education?
WC: Never, I always wanted to do all those degrees and diplomas LCCI, MMI but I wouldn’t have the patience to go sit behind the desk.

Ruvheneko: So are you of the mindset that you don’t need education to make it in life, this is an important question to the youngsters who look up to you?
WC: No no no, you definitely need education.

Ruvheneko: So you believe people must go to school?
WC: I wouldn’t want to marry someone without a degree; I wouldn’t look at you if you had no degree

Ruvheneko: Ladies mazwinzwa here?
WC: (laughs)

Ruvheneko: I wouldn’t want to interrogate you over how you got your money and all. The point is you here today but in your journey you spent two years at Chikurubi maximum prison, what did that do to you as a man?
WC: I wouldn’t want to talk about prison issues but for today I will give you all you need to know. When you get into prison the greatest thing is you learn how to be patient, just imagine you just sited the whole day and the guards come and lock you up. 700 days is a lot of time, when I got there, the first day I was crying saying Mr Manase my lawyer, Advocate Matinenga what’s the story, I thought with the amount of money I had I wouldn’t go to prison

Ruvheneko: Money can’t buy you everything right, can’t buy you freedom it seemed?
WC: When I got there people asked how long are you here and I said 2yrs, an old man came said to me, kasi wakangorova munhu nembama kani, I am serving 15 years and have been here for 12 years in the next 3 years I will be home. I am like, what? So my 2 years are nothing. That gave me a bit of hope.

Ruvheneko: Two years in prison meant nothing compared to some and do you feel you deserved to be in there that time. You had a background of being an illegal money changer, you had a background of a hustler at Union Avenue yatave kuti Kwame Nkurumah, so did you deserve to serve that time?
WC: Well yes and no.

Ruvheneko: You know what let’s live it at that today. Let’s move on, back to more ice breaking before we get into the contentious subject of ZIFA. So now we spoke of your journey to become this businessman you say you are, nobody knows and nobody has seen your bank statement. What is your net worth?
WC: Laughs that’s a difficult question.

Ruvheneko: Why?
WC: You never sit down and start calculating how much you are worth.

Ruvheneko: Why is that, shouldn’t you not know how much you got or something
WC: Nah, nah, I just make sure I don’t spend more than 10 percent of what I earn,

Ruvheneko: Do you tithe 10prcnt let’s start with that
WC: Yes I do tithe in a different way, I do things for people not going around throwing money to a church so that the pastor can buy a Benz or BMW, I Just do it in a special way.

Ruvheneko: I heard you are generous a lot.
WC: Yes, yes.

Ruvheneko: So here is why I asked you about your net worth, when we open our social media, our local newspapers you find it have flooded with Sir Wicknell buying in America from Louis Vuitton stores and flying first class. One must have imagined that pane munhu pasi apa and we look at top 50 soul richest list in Zimbabwe that was released in MAY 2015. There are 50 men and women and you weren’t there, the list was compiled by a local law firm called Ex Research Intelligence, are you bothered you not part of the top 50 richest people in Zimbabwe?
WC: No Not at all.

Ruvheneko: Do you think you are one of the top richest people in Zimbabwe?
WC: I am not even worried if I’m not, all I know is that I am comfortable. I am not worried about being rated.

Ruvheneko: Then we look at the African context, Africa’s top richest Forbes list of 2016 at number 1 is Alico Dangote worth 16, 7 billion, at number 5 is king Mohamed the 6th of Morocco with 5,7 bill and number 10 is Naguid Suarez of Egypt with 3 billion. So you have absolutely no idea how much you are worth even if you would estimate
WC: All those are estimates, but that I don’t disclose.

Ruvheneko: We only want to know what we are dealing with, oh so you know.
WC: Obviously I would have a general idea of my savings.

Ruvheneko: So you don’t want to quantify that for us?
WC: Even Zimra officers are listening to this show and tomorrow I will get new bills so I am not going to talk about that.

Ruvheneko: (laughs) That was actually one of the questions here. Does he pay his taxes?
WC: No businessman would operate without paying taxes, I have paid Zimra over a million dollars in the last three months. It doesn’t make sense…what I said on social media is that Zimra, has been harassing everyone and they came to me and said my lifestyle audit is this much, this personal account has accumulated so much and this account 4 million and this one 1 million so you owe us 1,4mill and I said no I will go to court and contest and if the court say I must pay I have to pay.

Musical Break…

Welcome back to the platform, we just coming from discussing his background who he is outside of what we read in the newspapers. Now social media has become a very powerful tool and our guest in the studio tonight uses social media to express himself. Whether he had a Snapchat of what he had for breakfast that day, what time he woke up, what shoes he bought, same with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so those of you that follow him do understand and the ones that don’t if you just listen you would understand where this is going.
So pane nyaya iri panapa Sir Wicknell, when one has a lot of money as you believe you do. Do you feel that you have a lot of power?
WC: No.

Ruvheneko: There are some comments that have come on social media around you when you post these posts especially on Facebook, you take time and certainly write certain comprehensive long well thought out messages where you let out all your feelings and a lot of them refer to the fact that hamundibate.
WC: Hamundibate as in what?

Ruvheneko: Like this is how I feel and this is what I am going to say regardless of who you are saying it about, for example you were in Dallas Texas on March 19 you wrote:
“I’m really enjoying my holiday away from the overwhelming pressures of money requests. I receive on average 1500 inbox messages with almost everyone asking for money. It must be noted with due respect that I am not a registered financial institution neither has the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued me with a money lending license. I don’t run a charitable organisation and don’t call me a philanthropist my name is Wicknell. I do things strictly for my family and my country so once in a while if I hand pick someone don’t get over excited for nothing and think it applies to everyone. The biggest problem is we now live in a society of beggars. So many people are waiting on and expecting a hand out. There’s nothing for free on planet Earth so stop waiting on something to be given to you and go work hard and earn it”
What was this about, are you tired of being asked for money because you have lots of it. Do you blame people for trying?
WC: No no, pretty much it’s wrong to say that I have lots of it, I do work hard but you see it gets frustrating that you find it that when I get on Facebook if anybody would say, hi Wicknel and the next thing they have a proposal they want you to fund them. Now I am just about to change all my numbers because every five mins I get a call, I get emails, makadiii vachivhayo, ndiripo, ndinonzi nhingi ndarwarirwa ndirikudawo mari, everybody thinks I have a trillion dollars that I am distributing

Ruvheneko: But do you blame them, because that’s the image you portray on social media Sir Wicknell, you make it seem like you swimming in it and you donate to ana Baba Tencen just becoz mangosekeswa navo mogoti momwaya zifa ne1 million which will get there, but you misunderstand that there is a perception out there so can you blame people for trying?
WC: But, hey the pressure is too much, everybody just wants money, I get emails, phone calls or anyone is asking some money like when I get out of the country and I am relaxing I switch all my local phones off and I have time to relax so that pressure doesn’t overwhelm me.

Ruvheneko: And you have a lot of friends in the high places, we see a lot of your posts having meetings with maybe some of the leaders of this country, are some of those connections attributed to your wealth or your winning some tenders is there some links?
WC: Nah nah na, you see this what people don’t understand Ruvheneko, when you participate in these tenders you don’t need a minister or Vice President or President. When you go see the Presidents you are going to introduce yourself, it’s more of a courtesy call but everybody thinks he is connected. The President made one call and then he was awarded the tender no, it doesn’t work like that, it took me 4 years participating in these tenders. I bought the documents over the counter; I went there myself it was not delivered to my office. I paid $10 for it and registered my documents with the state procurement board, they charged me 100 dollars per year to participate in tenders The process is just clear cut, you can’t penetrate there is no way. The president doesn’t even know the evaluation criteria or the adjudication, he doesn’t even want to know, yes.

Ruvheneko: But imimi munotukuireyi vanhu paSocial media, ana professor Jonathan Moyo vekuSunday Mail kana magumbuka, munozviitireyi izvozvo?
WC: You see, with the Sunday Mail obviously I was upset about the Pasuwa article and when you are doing something that somebody has never done you feel like you are a hero I did it. I was in good spirit after the match against Guinea and I had never watched soccer but now I said I will stay in touch with my players and make sure I communicate and make sure they are motivated because it’s something I was doing for the nation. So all I was expecting was any other Zimbabwean should be able to appreciate because honestly if I can spend my money, my hard earned money on players, I have said this before I have relatives that also need my support , so I felt this Sunday Mail reporter was overzealous because he called me and said Wicknell I have information that Pasuwa has not been paid and I said, no no don’t worry Pasuwa came to my office this afternoon and he said he had to write the story this Sunday otherwise let’s meet first and when he said ‘lets meet first you know, I am a millionaire I don’t give in to blackmail or pressure tactics I said ok write it. He thought that would give pressure on me to pay the salary. This is why I backed off coz that’s how I operate I do things my way.

Ruvheneko: Why was Pasuwa not paid his salary
WC: I don’t know, I don’t work for ZIFA, I wouldn’t know.

Ruvheneko: But you gave a certain amount of money and I do believe it was meant for that.
WC: What we agreed with doctor Chiyangwa was that whenever he needs money for the three years he would come to me and say Wicknell I need money for this, more often than not I have told him not to spend all the money on soccer.

Ruvheneko: So doctor Chiyangwa was not incorrect in his statement that Sir Wicknell is sponsoring me not ZIFA, so it’s his money and can he can do whatever he likes with it?
WC: Yes.

Ruvheneko: So why was Pasuwa not paid?
WC: That’s why I say there was this confusion, I was very upset with him because I felt embarrassed, at my level I feel very disrespected that I failed to pay $7000 especially when I made a commitment. Then he explained to me why he had to give me a break, he is the only person who knows how much I have been performing.

Ruvheneko: So why did you feel you had to post proof of bank statements and transfer documents that you had paid a certain amount of money on social media.
WC: Did I post anything like that, proving that I paid who?

Ruvheneko: But you were defending that you had paid your dues and this wasn’t your war.
WC: Yes something like that.

Ruvheneko: On the issues of corporate governance, Zifa has a new president and coming out of a board that had issues with money, do you care about where the money goes, so what do you do then if these issues come out, what are you doing so that your name is not dragged in the dirt?
WC: This is why Pasuwa had to be put into a account on every first day of the month, because I know that’s the controversial figure. Now it seemed like Pasuwa is the only person Zifa has to pay.

Ruvheneko: Like there are no players?
WC: I have been building relations with the players, four or five of them. I have been in contact with the captain; I am meeting him in Jorbug on my way to Paris to excite him by buying him a car.

Ruvheneko: So are you doing that for the mighty warrior’s captain too?
WC: In the future yes, because once I start buying a girl a car, my woman will say what, are you serious are you after this Mighty Warrior?

Ruvheneko: So is that really your explanation for not supporting the Mighty Warriors?
WC: But I have been supporting them, their coach is driving a new car that I bought, I recently gave them the money they requested.

Ruvheneko: But they don’t have the Samsung S7 like you bought for the warriors, nduda kungonzwisisa kuti allocation yenyu yemari is it up to you or Zifa president.
WC: You know what Ruvheneko just say you have a request as a woman it’s just one word and you don’t have to repeat I will do it.

Ruvheneko: Ok, I have a request, can you please give the Mighty Warriors what it is they need because I can’t say the S7 what if they don’t need them.
WC: Like when we spoke about the phones with Dr Chiyangwa and Minster Hlongwane, we were sitting outside and we were happy about the result.

Ruvheneko: Never mind the Mighty Warriors that are excelling Saka mati kudii?
WC: We gave them what they needed last week; we gave them US$9000.

Ruvheneko: US$9000 versus the amount you spent on S7s, how much are the S7s its US$1,200 times 23 players. I am taking this very serious because I am a woman, I don’t have any issues with football but my concern is that when you sponsoring Zifa, women football falls under that, but the stories we are hearing are just coming from the man’s soccer. Even the car you bought for the warriors’ coach is more expensive than that of the Mighty Warriors coach.
WC: That’s a brand new Toyota D4D 2015

Ruvheneko: But still that’s less expensive, do you not think they are not performing don’t they deserve it
WC: Women are very ungrateful, I am used to that yah, so don’t worry I am used to that.

Ruvheneko: Women are ungrateful; I need mighty warriors on the phone now. I think they need talk to you about what they need.
WC: Pretty much, when I spoke to Dr Chiyangwa, it was much of the men the Warriors not the Mighty Warriors, I was trying to focus more on the men because they are the ones who are known.

Ruvheneko: But it was about Zifa, Chiyangwa is the president for Zifa.
WC: I am the one who actually volunteered after I saw VP Nkomo who was the patron for the Mighty Warriors.

Ruvheneko: Why didn’t you follow suit wasn’t he your Sekuru?
WC: That’s how I bought Mlauzi a car but I was trying to focus more on the men.

Ruvheneko: Let’s focus on the people because they are more popular than you and I in the studio. We are going to take your calls and WhatsApp messages after the break as we continue to discuss Zifa with Sir Wicknell Chivayo, stay tuned this is The Platform with Ruvheneko.

Break . . .

Welcome back to the platform and I am Ruvheneko, we are in the studio with Sir Wicknell Chivayo and we are talking about Zifa. He has just explained his intensions to support Zifa and now he has said women are ungrateful and it’s difficult to sponsor women. So I would like to know is about how Prof Jonathan Moyo and yourself had an exchange on social media on 3rd of April. When you withdrew your sponsorship with Zifa, prof Moyo posted on twitter that ‘Zimbabwe’s Warriors need corporate not personal sponsorship’. What were your feelings around that and I know you took to Facebook on the 6th of April and wrote a whole of stuff. Ndozvandikutaura kuti ngei muchituka vanhu?
“Hooo nhai maka jaira kuchichidzira vanhu vasina mari vasinga pindure ne kutya office dzenyu….ma office enyu haacha tyisa nekuti rino doka gushungo vaku rongedzesai mava kumba mukoma… takazviona izvi amai mujuru vai tsenga mvura ichi buda masvisvinwa asi nhasi kana kusangana navo handiva mhorese because i have no need to….the big man behind you ndiye ane yese mugare makazvi ziva boyz dzangu. his excellency robert gabriel mugabe is the only reason why we respect you…mabaya wrong button vakuru vangu ndiri muzukuru wa chenjera ndinoera moyo chirandu ndinobva pa gandami apa mu wiltshire…mugare maka ziva kuti hapana kana zvamuno ndiita”
WC: Hapana kana zvamunondiita is not what people want to portray it now, this is Baba Tencen’s language it was just a joke . . . just a statement, what would anyone do to Baba Tencen, now people want to portray it in another way because he visits the VP he knows the President now he wants to suggest hapana kana zvamunondiita. If anyone calls me a criminal that’s a direct insult to the police because they are letting a criminal flaunt like I do. You must know that it’s legitimate money I don’t owe anyone. The police must go to my bank account they have access, even if you know the President, they will come and arrest you to show the President that this person is a criminal, they won’t leave because you have a picture with the VP.

Ruvheneko: You seem to use those pictures to show that you are protected because during this Zifa battle you went and posted a picture when you were with the first lady with their son Tino having dinner as if to say this is who I am.
WC: I am not protected, do you think I wouldn’t want to show a journalist that I know the first lady, what journalists can do to me, why would I need protection from a journalist?

Ruvheneko: If we can ask, what is your relationship with the first family? It’s not like anybody any day can go to Dubai and have dinner with the first lady. Did she invite you?
WC: Do you understand I am just a lucky guy, do you know what happened was we just bumped into each other on the plane, she was first class and Tino was there. I went and I knelt down, makadii amai, (then she said) koiwewe wakasiya zvebhora chii chakaitika, zvikanzi I should speak to you about that. Takuzotoburuka she said tuda kutozotaura zvebhora come to this restaurant mangwana kudinner. I was shocked because I had never sat on the same table with her.

Ruvheneko: So she is the one who convinced you, did you feel that it came from a person of high place and you respected that, and that’s why you were at press conference this other day and you paid Pasuwa. What’s in it for you to sponsor Zifa or is this CSR?
WC: When I came up with this idea with Dr Chiyangwa at a tyre services achida spare tyre and I said handina, I passed by, he said I am busy with my campaign you must come and support it and I said I would love to but I don’t want to come now giving people a condition to vote for somebody. As ZANU PF we respect democracy and want free and fair elections.

Ruvheneko: Where does ZANU PF come into this, we are speaking to you as an individual sponsoring Zifa Mr Chivayo, I asked you about the first family and there are the head of state, so is this sponsorship for ZIFA a ZANU PF campaign.
WC: It’s my party and handinyare kuzvitaura pane vanhu and it’s from a ZANU PF child put it that way, that’s me.

Ruvheneko: Why did you bring it up now?
WC: I said at our party we believe in democracy and free and fair elections. I did not want people to vote saying if Dr Chiyangwa wins I will put in so much.

Ruvheneko: So it was conditional in the first place, so if anybody was Zifa president you wouldn’t be giving this money
WC: l wouldn’t be in all this mess and papers attacking me.

Wicknell and Chiyangwa

Wicknell and Chiyangwa

Ruvheneko: so you doing this for Dr Chinyangwa.
WC: Definitely.

Ruvheneko: ok so let’s go to our whatsApp platform

“Mr wicknell, first I would like to thank u for your sponsorship but unotaura baba, Bill Gates wakambomuona achidaro here”

“Ini Wicknell ndomubigga many wishes, it’s just he should also sponsor the mighty warriors”

“I have been listening to your life story Wicknell don’t listen to the heaters, keep doing what you, doing you earned it”

“Mfana Chivayo, I truly love your guts and your boldness you are urged to continue supporting Dr Chiyangwa and his Zifa”

“Surprisingly he sounds calm, less bragging and humble didn’t see that one coming”

Those are various comments of you being around here, there is a song that came out it was by done Seh Calaz, when it came out there was a lot of people circulating it on social media and we also played it here on ZiFM. What are your thoughts with that song called Siyana navo.
WC: It was a very good song and coincidentally ndakabva ndangosiyana navo havana mari for sure.

Ruvheneko: Ndiyani asina mari, is it about anyone not having money, who is that?
WC: That’s what Seh Calaz sang about isn’t it?

Ruvheneko: I got a WhatsApp message today, it was a screenshot and it said a lot, I don’t know if it was your number for real it made it seem like you paid Seh Calaz to make happen it for you:

“How are you, Seh Calaz, after several attempts to transfer the 20000 dollars, I have just discovered my current account has been frozen and its being investigated bla bla bla..
And he replies:
“Iribho boss I will keep it to myself until you contact me”

Was this you, I can’t know coz It’s a screen shot it has got your profile and says Sir Wicknell.
WC: That’s not me it’s not any of my WhatsApp platform, you know what after giving Pasuwa the money a WhatsApp message has been circulating saying Sir Wicknell gave Pasuwa 30 thousand dollars and he then donated 20 thousand to Seh Calaz saying thank you. Already that was false because I have never spoken to him I don’t even have his number.

Ruvheneko: Interesting enough I got a message from his publicist asking if I had heard a song by Seh Calaz and I said I did. Back to the Mighty Warriors’ question They are owed three thousand five hundred each yatadza kubuda?
WC: Dr Chiyangwa has never told me that, the moment I get information from a radio station and act on it I might get broke in the next few months, but if Dr Chiyangwa comes and says this is our challenge, he knows I will handle it.

Ruvheneko: Now back to our platform on our topic

Ruvheneko, thanks for the platform, my question to the Sir is that, is there any chance you can help with a national youth sports academy even named after you and also when paying Pasuwa cash are they not hiding behind paying taxes which the government should be collecting. Thank you sir, don’t spoil the warriors but support them.
WC: Firstly Pasuwa’s salary was US$7000 on contract and the Zifa finance manager was there to make sure he takes off the taxes and deposit into Zimra and the same debit would be given to me. The idea to pay him cash was to make the reporters see new notes and the amount of money they had never seen.

Ruvheneko 4

Ruvheneko: And do you know Godfrey Bakasa?
WC: Yes he must have made a comment on Facebook, I don’t know him.

Ruvheneko: Did you promise him any money?
WC: No no, I said it was a good comment and if I knew this guy, I would have given him 5 or 10 thousands but you know when I write some of these things I am driving most of the time.

Ruvheneko: So do you text and drive?
WC: Maybe I am chauffer driven how do you know, I just write anything I think that’s why I write weird things. I am not the same person you see on Facebook or Instagram.

Ruvheneko: You should be, the way the world works today unfortunately most people send their comments speaking to the person you are on social media now if that’s a separate persona to who you really are. You can’t blame people on the attacks.
WC: They say I flaunt wealth, I am rich that’s the whole point for social media, when I post these posts it’s a matter of what I am feeling that day and I want to motivate someone so it’s not about showing off, if I wanted to show off you would be surprised. I diverted the money I wanted to buy a Rolls Royce to sponsoring the Warriors. I am humble.

Ruvheneko: So you think you are humble, you post all those sarcastic post and I don’t know how to make of it.
So let’s bring some issues to conclusion, I will go back to the question, how did you make your money?
WC: That’s a difficult question because, people understand things at the level of their own perception, I am a businessman and my company is into power generation, engineering, procurement and construction, my outright advice to people is that they must stay focused and work hard.

Ruvheneko: So at the age of 19 you had a company?
WC: I was doing other things, I was supplying pharmaceuticals, I was selling cell phones and other things. I was always a hard worker from day one.

Ruvheneko: Why were you in prison?
WC: It was money laundering, they defined it as confiscation of foreign currency and they then said it was illegal then yah.

Ruvheneko: Why are you sponsoring Zifa or Dr Chiyangwa?
WC: Like I have said so many times, as a successful businessman, I don’t need anyone to tell me that, I felt I have to be seen doing something as a patriotic citizen so I thought how can I make everyone happy since 92 percent (of Zimbabweans) love soccer and I began to support soccer.

Ruvheneko 5

Ruvheneko: Why did you attack (Prof Moyo) do you think before you write do you have a manager, an advisor or what?
WC: I was going through an emotional reaction and he goes the Warriors don’t need Chivayo’s money. You wouldn’t understand after you spent more than half a million you expect people to say Wicknell you have done well,

Ruvheneko: We have to conclude now, do you have any last words for us?
WC: Hah no, thank you for grinding me.

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