‘Hubby brings lover home’

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‘Hubby brings lover home’


Praise Mabuto, Court Reporter

A HARARE woman has sensationally claimed that her husband was in the habit of bringing his girlfriend at home to harass her.

This was heard at the Harare Civil Court where Mebo Masiriirwa was applying for a protection order against her husband Everisto Shonhiwa who accompanied his girlfriend to assault her.

“He is bringing his girlfriend at my house and they have sexual intercourse in my bedroom.

“He also once accompanied his girlfriend to assault me at my house.

“Whenever his girlfriend visits us he harasses me and they collect all rentals money,” said Mebo.

Added Mebo:

“We had a garden where he collects all the vegetables we grow to feed his girlfriend and her family.

“My husband is becoming a problem; he no longer listens to me,” she said.

In response, Everisto said:

“The woman she is referring to as my girlfriend, she is my second wife.

“She fell sick and she started denying me conjugal right then I got married to another woman now she is complaining.

“I did not assault, harass or insult my wife. I am a loving man and you can grant her the protection order since I never torment her,” said Everisto.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo granted the protection order by consent.

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