‘Hubby cuts my undergarments’

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‘Hubby cuts my undergarments’


8 June 2018


A HARARE woman is at loggerheads with her husband whom she accused of cutting her undergarments with a scissors.

Hilda Chamboko bared it all at the Harare Civil court where she was seeking for a peace order against Innocent Mapfudza.

Chamboko told the court that her husband is a violent man who always assaults and insults her in front of their children.

“Your Worship, my husband is a nuisance; he tore my undergarments into peaces.

“He also assaults me to an extent that our children end up crying as well. The other day he insulted me with obscenities in front of our children.

“He is not a good husband; I do not understand what kind of a father is he.

“We no longer staying together, I sacrificed to move out of our matrimonial house because of his conduct.

“Now he is the habit of coming to my place of residence and to my work place insulting me. May this court bar him from coming to my house, I need peace,” she said.

In response, Mapfudza was not opposed to the application.

“It is   true that there is no peace between us, I am not opposed to the application at all.

“She is my wife, but she was coming home at midnight and she could not explain where she had gone.

“I no longer want to talk to her as well, so peace order is the way to go. Whenever I try to reason with her she always turns a deaf ear to me.

“I never assaulted her, but I only asked her to explain where she had gone without telling me at night,” said Mapfudza.

Presiding magistrate Manase Masiiwa granted peace order in Chamboko’s favour.

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