Hubby denied maintenance

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Hubby denied maintenance


Ethiel Mafuta, Court Reporter

A Harare man was denied a $200 maintenance claim he made from his wife saying she left him when he did not expect it.

Jerkison Masambiti made the claim arguing that he wanted to be maintained.

“I married my wife Older Masambiti and we wedded but all of a sudden she just said she was no longer interested in our relationship.

“She left our matrimonial home without even saying goodbye and right now she is with another man,” said Jerkison.

In response Older said:

“This man is a liar, Your worship.

“We have three children and I am the one who is staying with them and meeting all their needs.

“I never divorced him but I just moved out of the house because he was abusing me and insulting me in front of the children.

“I only earn $300 and sometimes I came home late that’s when he started thinking I was having an affair,” she said Older.

She said she could not offer anything.

“I cannot offer him anything because I am the one taking care of our children.

“He is also married and is looking after his family. I don’t even know why he is dragging me to court,” she said.

Magistrate Stella Nazombe dismissed application.

She told the two to behave like adults.

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