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GREETINGS fun-loving people and H-Metro readers.

It feels good being given this opportunity to contribute to this column in my own capacity as a musician, mother, teacher, mentor and social worker.

This opportunity has come at a time when the world is reeling from Covid 19 which has claimed many lives  and I urge fans to take precaution.

As an artiste, I have also suspended shows but I have plenty to share with my fans.

From being a mother with children living with albinism, resentment, trials  and tribulations in music to real life, I can safely say I have seen it all. Just read below  and you might be inspired or enlightened.


My name is Loveness Mainato even though many in showbiz know me by the moniker Mujibha.

I am a lady born in the ghetto of St Mary’s in Chitungwiza.

It was in the same ghetto where I did my primary education in Zengeza main before I proceeded to Zengeza 3 High for my secondary education.

I also did some secondary grades at Rusununguko High and completed in 1992.

I then went to Harare Polytechnic for a Secretarial course.

I didn’t want a career in a quiet environment so l left secretarial for a teaching profession.

I was a classroom practitioner for 17 years. I got married in 1996.


I have four children and two of them have albinism.

It is because of the condition of albinism that my husband deserted the family and remarried.

It is because of the painful moments l had when my husband left me that led to founding of the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ).

This also led me into exposing numerous talents in me and wow I’m a jack of all trades, more interesting the music career.


The childhood memories include when l got home in tears.

My mother asked me the reason why and l told her a boy was after me telling me he ‘loves me’ and I didn’t know what to say.

I still laugh at it when I think of it.


As for my calling, I had a passion for music when I was very young.

My passion in music started at early childhood when l was in school.

I am one such a person that passed through school choirs and in 2009 l started writing, composing and recording music.


Mujibha is a I got from people for my bravery in looking after my child  and other orphans.

I am one person take taking care of orphans  and child with albinism including my biological kids.

It was the hustle that I got through which saw me getting the moniker Mujibha.

Musically, I also push hard to be heard.


My role model is Alick Macheso.

As for inspiration, First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa inspires me more.

I like the way she challenges women to be industrious and take up male dominated jobs.

I also got inspiration from my ownmum who used to be a great singer whe she was drunk.

But it is Mai Mnangagwa who is my new role model owing to her  hardwork and love that she has shown us.


However, all is not rosy for female musicians in music because of a number of factors.

A number of music promoters and club owners consider exposing male than female artistes.

In fact, they consider established artistes more than some of us who are still itching for recognition.

The challenges as a female sungura artiste include marginalisation in the industry, lack of resources mainly equipment (PA system and transport.

No venues to play as very little venue owners recognize women for shows and high recording costs.

It’s not easy to come up with a meaningful project


In my case, I get well along with top artistes in the game like Baba Shero and his wife Nyadzisai.

They are kind hearted though vaMacheso vasiri kumbondipawo mukana as his supporting act.

I would love to share stage with him, Sulu and JP.

Both Sulu and JP they know me and we communicate but our male friends are not giving help in seeing us rising to higher levels especially as a woman in Sungura genre music.

From these male sungura artists please help us gain exposure through making me your supporting act.

Actually like l said l started music at a tender age so my calling was not a surprise to me since God revealed to me even in dreams that l have the talent. I could sing whilst sleeping then my children would wake me up telling me l was singing. So l responded favourably to the calling.


Like any other normal person I can’t defy nature.

My love life is confidential. Just know l have my handsome guy I’m dating whose initials are EDKK.


As for my discography, I do have four albums namely Ziva Wekuudza released in 2011, Mirira Nguva (2014),  Vaziviseiwo (2018)  and

Ndezvedenga izvi  (2020).

My new release is Ndezvedenga izvi -Tovazivisa which carries six track namely Uripi, Ndavekuuya, Ndopane nyaya, NdiMwari Vadaro, kodzero Yavo  and Closing taps that encourages people to practice safe sex and see us closing taps of new infections.


I had plans to have my music getting into fans the first half but l am hindered with the corona virus Covid 19.

I had lined-up a series of shows but I can’t be seen defying the powers that be after they declared it a National Disaster  and banned public gathers.

So I am looking forward to the second half of the year to start holding shows to sustain my band.


Like another other woman perceived to be rich, young boys  and even older men have been pestering me for love.

However, I have devised a way to dismiss the Ben ten’s by educating them on their moral teachings that they should be well behaved and value their health.

I advise them that they are prone to fall into dangerous ailments when they chase after jelly mummies. I also remind them they are my children.

As for some promoters who demand sex favours from me to give me shows, I simply tell them that love cannot be mixed with work and EDKK is enough for me.


My happiest moment was 2019 when l was awarded the Best Female Sungura Artist by Coca Cola.

I once got embarrassed when my ex-husband’s sisters laughed at my child because she had albinism.


I would like to thank my landlady who is so supportive, my family members, my husband EDKK , my fans , few promoters who  give me venues to showcase my talent Mr Ganya, Mr Gora, Mr Charehwa, Mr Kabungaidze only to mention a few and the Almighty God.

Not forgetting all my band members vanondidadisa havana mararo.

To the old and new fans, keep on supporting Mujibbha music. I love you all.

Thank You!

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