Quinton Rusero

A HARARE man reportedly dumped his wife of 22 years to live with their housemaid elsewhere.

Monica Manwere told the Harare Civil Court that she continues to be abused by her husband Hatred Chipope and now wants a protection order.

“I tried blocking him from leaving the house and he said he no longer wanted anything to do with me and he’s now leaving with a woman who can give him children.

“He comes with his relatives to collect his things and threatens and assaults me.

“He comes with poison threatening to poison himself to death at our house.”

Hatred however, denied the claims.

“It is not true that I left the house with our housemaid. When I left our matrimonial home, I found out that my wife was having an affair with Tatenda, a soldier at KG6.

“They go out and come back the next morning and when I confronted my wife about the issue, she said he is just a friend.

“I wanted to drink poison after I saw a message with Tetenda’s number saved as ‘my love’ and mine saved as ‘Baba Nattie.’

“I have never insulted her or assaulted her, I only told her that she was inviting death and violence between me and her boyfriend Tatenda and when I returned home she had changed all the house keys.”

The magistrate granted Monica a protection order valid for five years.

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