Hubby steals wife’s money to buy drugs

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A MOUNT Hampden woman claims her husband is in the habit of stealing her money to buy drugs.

Hilda Taika said her husband, Spencer Kamuriwa, was a very lazy man.

“He is my husband but he verbally abuses me and even assaults me when I tell him I do not have the money.

“He assaulted me and he was arrested and served community service at the Rotten Row Court.

“When I refused to give him the money he locked the door, grabbed me and pointed a dangerous object at me threatening to kill me,” said Hilda.

However Spencer denied the allegations.

“I can maintain peace but she is the one who provokes me when she answers me back when I am talking.

“She is into selling bread and when I sold the bread she claimed that I stole her money,” said Spencer. Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Hilda the peace order.

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