Quinton Rusero

A WOMAN claims she is under siege from her husband’s girlfriend who is repeatedly abusing her, including dumping human waste at her house.

Mandi Chinyere appeared before the Harare Civil Court yesterday pleading for a protection order from her husband’s girlfriend, Loriat Mataka.

The court heard that sometime last year Chinyere travelled to the United States for a one-year business trip and his husband started having an extramarital affair with Mataka Chinyere’s friends told her of the affair and tha they were now even living together as husband and wife.

She returned from the United States and solved the issues with her husband amicably.

Then, she claims, Mataka started to abuse her and family.

“She calls my 10-year-old boy during the night asking to speak to my husband.

‘’She put faeces and pants on my doorstep and whenever Mataka sees me passing by she insults me using vulgar words.

‘’Mataka visits my house holding stones during the night and throwing them on top of my roof.”

Mataka denied all the accusations.

‘’I was married to Chinyere’s husband when she was away and now they are living together again as husband and wife and I mind my own business. I do not threaten and put faeces on her doorstep as she was saying”.

The magistrate granted Chinyere a protection order valid for five years.

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