Zvikomborero Parafini

AT least, social media sensation, Chipo The Troublecauser, will spend the weekend at home and not in remand prison.

She was granted bail yesterday, a day after she was arrested for assault in a clothing deal which went sour in Harare.

The social media star, whose real name is Donna Chasaya, appeared before magistrate, Lynn Chizhou, together with her sister Candice, and Everlyn Chandengenda.

H-Metro exclusively revealed yesterday that Chipo was nabbed after she caused a scene at Avondale Police Station.

The three women were released on US$50 each.

The complainant is Precious Chigodora.

The court heard that on Wednesday, Chigodora was on her way to Belgravia shops when she saw the three women sitting on the front yard benches at the complex.

Chipo allegedly then approached Chigodora accusing her of tarnishing her brand and image on Facebook.

This led to an altercation.

Chipo allegedly pushed Chigodora and she fell to the ground.

She then kicked her several times.

Chandengenda and Candice joined the assault and took turns to kick Chigodora.

The fallout between the two parties was triggered by differences over a clothes deal, which went sour.

Chipo allegedly took clothes on credit, which she later failed to pay for.

She allegedly returned some of the clothes to Chigodora.

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