Humba charms Tamy Moyo

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Humba charms Tamy Moyo Blessing “Humba” Nyagwaya


… she is Rachael and I am Jacob

Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Contemporary musician Blessing “Humba” Nyagwaya has released a song titled Tamy Moyo where he is appreciating the diva’s beauty.

Humba hogged the limelight when he featured the late provincial liberation hero Soul Jah Love in two songs Bvisa Tattoo Hatisitose and Chikwekwe.

Tamy Moyo

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Humba said the song appreciates Tamy Moyo and if it’s possible he wishes to see her.


“I am expressing my feelings for Tamy and also describing her beauty.

Blessing ‘Humba’ Nyagwaya

“On another verse I am saying handitami moyo meaning my love for her is true and I will not have another lover.


“I am promising her love and my whole world on this song.


“I have much respect for her because she deserves the best.


“Ndapedzisira kuona munhu akanaka kudaro pana mai vangu,” he said.


He added:


“Beauty is wat defines Tamy she is Racheal wemubhaibheri anogeza nemukaka and I’m the Jacob ini ndogeza nehuchi that’s how I can define her.”


Asked if had seen Tamy Moyo in his life time.


“We haven’t met but I have seen her in a vision and not a dream.


“From the vision Tamy has got mother’s love and ukamunzwisisa anonyatsokukubata sekakacheche.


“I guess this song will reach out to her and then we will meet.”


The song has an interesting accompanying video.


“I shot the video in Harare and I have been asking people where I can find Tamy.


“I had a banner with her picture and I have been asking if people know where I can find this beautiful woman.


“So I did mashup madley of old school song of Simon Chimbetu, Fortune Mparutsa, Xtra Large and Assegai Crew.


“I believe this song and the accompanying video will take me to another level considering the the response I am getting so far.


“From the comment section music lovers are saying we should do a follow up song where Tamy will be featuring,” he said.


Humba told this publication that he is into music because of passion not for competition.


So far he has collaborated with Tocky Vibes on the song Kutambura, Silent Killer (Pamuromo), T Gonzi (Ndinewe) and Soul Jah Love (Chikwekwe and Bvisa Tattoo Hatisitose).


Suluman Chimbetu and Alexio Kawara have featured on the song Thank you Yaweh.


Some of his solo songs are Jah Jah City, Thank you Jah, and Anemari ndiye mukuru among others.


He also said he wishes to have a collaboration with man of the moment Jah Prayzah.


“I wish to have a collaboration with Jah Prayzah.


“These collaborations teach me a lot of things for example when I met Soul Jah Love I had a perception that he was never took projects seriously.


“We booked an appointment at the studio and he came on time.


“I want to thank him for putting me on map, dai pasina Sauro I doubt kuti ndaizozikanwa here upto this date.

“I salute him, he is gone but not forgotten,” he said.

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