HUSBAND CLAIMS WIFE HAS SIX BOYFRIENDS. . . Wife rejects claims, says she’s being abused

Quinton Rusero

A MAN from Damofalls Park in Harare has sensationally claimed that his wife has SIX boyfriends, including some who are based in South Africa.

The wife denied the claims and, instead, said her husband is the one who was sending her some chats between him and his girlfriends.

Ben Captem claims the six boyfriends regularly send her explicit text messages.

He said he found out about this when he took Yolands Gweshe’s mobile phone and went through its contents where he found explicit chats between her and his six boyfriends.

The couple has been living separately, in the same house, since the day Ben read the messages in his wife’s phone.

Ben was responding to claims from Yolanda, who applied for and was granted a protection order at the Harare Civil Court, during the hearing of their case yesterday.

Yolanda said she wanted the protection order because Ben regularly assaults her.

The couple has three children.

Ben said everything changed when he read some of the chats which were in his wife’s phone.

“I chased her after I saw messages from her boyfriends, she was refusing with her phone and later showed me all the explicit chats.

“Now we live in separate rooms and I was hurt by the messages in her phone and I told her to leave.”

In response, Yolanda said: 

“He is lying, he has no evidence that I was having extra-marital affairs.

“He insults me with vulgar words saying I am a prostitute and assaults me using whatever object is close to him.

“We built the house together and he cannot chase me away and he should not send me chats with his girlfriends.

“I want to stay at my house because he does not take good care of our children.”

The magistrate granted Yolanda a protection order valid for five years and ordered Ben not to chase her away from their matrimonial house.

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