Hwedza security boss dies in accident

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Hwedza security boss dies in accident Scenes at the burial of the late security boss


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A Chemhanza High School Security boss was struck and killed by a car whist cycling from the school recently.
The accident occurred at Hwedza Township and it is believed the security boss Wagoneka was on his way from Chemhanza after inspecting his team.

“He was cycling towards Harare, using the right way and he had a head on collision with an oncoming car after midnight,” said a witness who claims the accident left them with more questions than answers.

“What is shocking is that his bag, hat and scuffs were found kilometres away from the accident scene and worse along a road that goes to Njanja after Hwedza but the car that killed him was going towards Goto,” added the witness.
The unidentified driver is said to have gone to the police to report the matter.
Village head, Christian Bhuka spoke at Wagoneka’s burial at Bhuka Village, 3.5km along Hwedza- Goto/Rusape road,

“We only heard about Wagoneka’s accident through a phone call that he had a fatal head-on accident at Chemhanza Mission, just 30m before that Chemhanza school grid. Surprisingly, it is also said that Wagoneka’s bag and hat were later found dumped by the road side, around 2km away from his accident spot, but the driver was driving to Makwarimba. This is really shocking us.
“We do not even know the driver’s name or is his car’s registration number, what we just heard is that this driver just paid $US50 for funeral costs, and it is being said that he was rushing to his Makwarimba home were his relative was allegedly still hanging in a tree and dead too. We are not sure too of everything because we have not yet been briefed by the police nor have we gone to the accident scene yet,” said Bhuka.
Bhuka took the opportunity to appeal for assistance from the government,

“Again, we as village heads, we are asking the government to empower us with transport machines like motor bikes or even bicycles because headmen are the local government’s first officials that directly communicate the civilians’ concerns to the crawl head, kwaMakakwarimba, on daily basis.
“Imagine how many tens of kilometres we walk from my Bhuka Village to VaMakwarimba, let’s say there is an emergency, even phones and airtime allowances we don’t get. Imagine we are already burying Wagoneka but I as his head man, did not manage to visit that accident spot because of the distance.”
He added that the Covid-19 pandemic has left his village poverty struck.

“Again, we beg those who can assist us with porridge for kids as they are the most suffering souls during this COVID 19 pandemic. Why, because my villagers are at home as per the government’s call, I am now afraid that youths will end up thieving, plus we are seeking for facemasks because social distancing is not a problem here because we are naturally hundreds of meters apart as homesteads.
“However, during funerals like this, we must be equipped with masks, we are washing our hands with ash and soap.
“Here in Hwedza, a mask is going for US$1 each. Business persons are not taking those 2bond and 5bond notes, we are confused here. In Bhuka Village, we have 35 hungry children seriously needing food and some living with parents with physical or mental challenges while the rest are orphans.
“Wagoneka here has left a wife and three minors, imagine a 13-year-old girl, then 12 and 6 year-olds, what am I going to feed them with, worse school fees?” asked the village head.
Chemhanza Mission Headmaster and his Principal Reverend Noel Nhariswa were present at the funeral till burial.
“Chemhanza Mission is so saddened about the unexpected passing on of officer Leon Wagoneka. He was employed by his Online Security Company, which we hired as a school. He was a very disciplined, loyal, committed, dedicated and hardworking officer who managed to lead the Chemhanza Mission security guards for about two years, a reason why he was so respected.
“May God remember Leon Wagoneka for all his goodness,” said Rev Nhariswa.

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