Hwindi Prezident bashes wife

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Hwindi Prezident bashes wife


16 August 2018

Dancehall musician Hwindi Prezident, real name Bessel Paswera, caused injuries on his wife Panashe after he assaulted her over cheating allegations.

These allegations emanated from texts between Hwindi Prezident and another woman according to the singer.

H-Metro is in possession of a three minute long video where the Ndaperera Pauri singer is seen pulling Panashe by her weave whilst assaulting her and insulting her with obscenities.

When contacted for comment, Hwindi Prezident confirmed assaulting his wife but denied that she had cheated.

“Yes some time ago I had a misunderstanding with my wife and I assaulted her and I was told that there were people taking videos so the video you have could be the one on that incident.

“What happened was that my wife thought I was having an affair with a fan after she saw messages in my phone.

“However, we are happy now and we have since moved out of the neighbourhood that we were staying when that incident happened and we are now living in a new suburb.

“I want to take this opportunity to advise all married people not to overreact whenever they hear rumours about their spouses because some of the information will be false,” he said.

Some sources who were present told H-Metro that Hwindi Prezident attacked Panashe after she had spent a week at her boyfriend’s house.

“Hwindi Prezident and his wife have been having many conflicts in their marriage and they would fight many times but on this incident it was serious.

“The wife (Panashe) always complained that Hwindi Prezident was not looking after her well but we never thought that she would get to the extent of spending a week at her boyfriend’s house.

“That is why he had to assault her the way he did because he was really angry, if it was the wife who had thought he was cheating then why was he the one assaulting her,” said the source.

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