Hwindi Prezident on the run

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Hwindi Prezident on the run Hwindi Prezident


9 March 2017


…chanter beds 15-year-old

Hwindi Prezident

ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Hwindi Prezident is under fire for allegedly bedding a 15-year-old girl.

Born Mugo Bessel Parehwa, the chanter is being accused of bedding a high school girl (name withheld) who is also sister to a fellow chanter.

The matter is being handled at St Mary’s Police Station, Chitungwiza.

Speaking to H-Metro, one of the family members fumed:

“Hwindi Prezident is in the habit of bedding young girls. He takes advantage of his popularity to lure them.

“He gives them money and promise to give them a platform to feature on his videos.

“As a family, we spoke to our daughter and she opened up. She said they started dating last year and the two had sex on several occasions.

“She is saying Mugo is the one who broke her virginity and we are yet to visit the hospital for medical examinations.

“Mugo is so coward since he can’t approach ladies of his age but he is taking advantage of these young girls.”

He added:

“He was caught red handed pants down after a tip off was made. He ran away and up to now he is nowhere to be found.

“We are still looking for him and we want to make sure he is booked.”

Efforts to contact Hwindi Prezident went futile as his mobile phone was not reachable.

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