Hydrocephalus trust appeals for support

Talent Gore

THE Matifadza Hydrocephalus Care Trust (MHCT) held celebrations to mark the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day in Harare on Saturday.

The world marks the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day on October 25.

Hydrocephalus, which is often called “water on the brain”, is a build-up of fluid in the brain which puts pressure on the brain and causes babies and young children’s heads to swell.

Wadzanai Mhindirira founded the MHCT after her daughter, Matifadza was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker Malformation at birth in 2017. 

Matifadza had to go for an emergency operation due to her condition, but she sadly passed away less than five months after the operation.

Wadzanai then started MHCT to assist mothers how to care for children with such a condition in remembrance of her daughter.

The trust offers medical and educational assistance to those with hydrocephalus, as well as counselling to caregivers and their families, and support groups for mothers. 

The organisation has also outlined outreach programmes for educating the public about the disease and promoting early detection. 

It offers medical help with shunts, wheelchairs, diapers and accessories and financial assistance and has an educational trust for the children and adults living with hydrocephalus. 

“It is also the desire of the trust to open a rehabilitation centre, as most children’s homes do not have facilities to offer our children, as they need extra special care,” said Wadzanai.

“We have helped over 150 people as an organisation and we plan to do more.” 

However, Wadzanai said the trust requires major support from both the Government and corporate world, including assistance with funding for medical equipment and projects for caregivers.

“We are appealing for assistance to purchase Multego wheelchairs for our patients which cost about US$2 500 each. 

“These will ease the burden of caregivers so that they don’t have to strap children above five years on their backs every day.”

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