‘I am not a thief’

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‘I am not a thief’


20 December 2018

Kelly Tafi

A DZIVARASEKWA woman dragged a fellow woman to court for falsely accusing her of being a thief.

Fortunate Bondera applied for a protection order at the Harare Civil Court against her husband’s girlfriend Portia Grey who has a habit of lying that she is a thief and for insulting her.

“She is my husband’s girlfriend.

“She lied to the police that I stole $800 at her house and that I broke her door so that I can be arrested.

“Something went missing at where I stay and she told my landlord that I was the one who took it because I am a thief, she tells everyone that I am a thief, i am not a thief your worship.

“Whenever she has a misunderstanding with my husband, she calls me and insults me using vulgar language or even sends bad text messages.

“I want her to stop lying to the police, stop coming to my house and stop calling me.

“If they are not in good books with my husband she must not call me let them fix their issues on their own,” said Bondera.

In response, Grey said:

“She is someone who is staying with my boyfriend; he told me he didn’t pay bride price so she is not his wife.

“This woman is the one who is violent, I never went to her house she is the one who always come to my house, your worship I am tired of moving from one place to another trying to run away from her.

“Every time I report her to the police they don’t arrest her because she has a relative who is a police officer.

“She once came to my house and collected my speaker and my amplifier, wanted to go and collect it but she can have them I no longer care.”

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the order in Bondera’s favour ordered Grey not to abuse her and not to go to her house.

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