‘I am the voice of youths’

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‘I am the voice of youths’ Nobyguyz


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

RISING dancehall chanter Nobert “NobyMagz” Magwaza has described his music as a voice of youths across the globe.

He says his music expresses situations which young people go through on a daily basis in times of economic crisis. The Chitungwiza-bred chanter says he drew inspiration from Winky D.

“My music talks about what us the youths go through on a daily basis since we are the most active generation.


“But our lives involve a lot of hustling considering the economic recession bedevilling different countries. “So I will be just sharing the experiences of youths,” he said.


Added NobyMagz:


“I also sing about love and get a lot of inspiration from Jamaican artistes like Masicka, Govana, Iwatta, while in Zimbabwe, Winky D and Freeman.


“People are responding well to my music because I am bringing a different type of dancehall they had never heard.”


To date, he has worked with Mostaff and sees a bright future.


“I have only worked with Mostaff and we worked on a track called Ndaizviziva, which was produced by Jamrock Records in Zimbabwe.


“I have a new music video called Mari, now available on YouTube, which was produced by 6ixbeats of 6ixplanet Records in South Africa, who are also my current producers.


“I promise my fans more music which addresses the plight of our generation.


“In other words, my music is a voice of the youths to those in positions to provide some alternatives and create employment so that we don’t keep living a life of hustling.”

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