Milicent Chasinda

A SOUTHLANDS Park man claims he busted his wife in bed with her boyfriend and her entire family is aware of the story.

Brian Bumbira was dragged to court by his wife, Patrisha Matuka, who is accusing him of being a violent husband.

He opposed the granting of the application of a protection order in favour of his wife.

“I do not go to her workplace, but she is my wife and we have children together.

“This protection order she wants is to cover up her shenanigans, so that when I question her, she hides behind it.

“I caught her red-handed with her boyfriend, and all our relatives know about it.

“She even deleted the evidence that I had captured of her in bed with her boyfriend.

“When she was still breastfeeding, she used to go to parties and come home at around 11pm.

Arikupihwa confidence nechikomba chandakamubata ainacho, they are still in love.

“She kicked me out of the house, I’m living mumba memukwasha ndichirara pasi ndine imba,” said Brian.

Patrisha said:

“He assaults and insults me and each time he comes home, he is violent. Whenever he is drunk, he walks around the house naked in front of the children.

“He has a number of girlfriends and each time he wants us to be intimate, I ask him to use protection, but he refuses and forces me to have sex.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection order.

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