‘I can’t suppress his talent’

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‘I can’t suppress his talent’ Jah Prayzah and son Mukudzei Junior


…JP unleashes son Mukudzei Jr

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

JAH Prayzah says he can’t suppress his 10-year-old son’s deep-seated passion for showbiz that he has already blessed him to follow suit.

The 33-year-old said the Covid-19 lockdown has also come as a blessing in disguise for him to usher his son Mukudze Mukombe Junior into the studio.

Mukudzei Junior

Mukudzei Jr is currently behind the ‘booth’ recording his first single titled Rovai Ngoma, thanks to new Military Touch Movement producer Victorstot.


In an interview with H-Metro, Jah Prayzah said he was impressed by his son’s commitment.

“Junior loves music and he has been begging me to assist him to play the keyboard.

“Owing to his demands, I had to find someone who can help him since I am not a good keyboard player myself,” he said.

“The boy has also been nagging me with intentions to record a single and he is currently recording his first single called Rovai Ngoma.

“He penned part of the song and I just helped him to arrange the lyrics.

“As a father, I couldn’t sit on his talent and that is how I’m helping him to realise his dream.”


Responding to critics and social media users that he was giving his son pressure to venture into music, Jah Prayzah said:

“There is no appropriate time when should start to realise their dreams as long as the resources are there.

“In Junior’s case, I decided to unleash him now on Covid-19 lockdown because schools are closed and he can still do his music and school work at the same time since most of the school work are done online.

“The boy is still young and he can master both music and school work because he has nothing to worry about as a kid right now.”

The 3rd Generation boss said he was only doing the best for his son as a responsible dad.

“If I reflect on my career, there are something are difficult to learn and master because I did not do them when I was young.

“So in the case of Junior I can suppress his passion or sit on his talent because you never know what will help him in future.

“As parents, we need to assist our children and help them to follow careers of their dreams at a tender age.”


As a mentor to his son, Jah Prayzah said he was also teaching his son to perfect his act.

“Of course my son has a passion for music but at there are some things that I should admit that he needs to work on like on his voice and of course songwriting.

“He can write good songs on his own but as a father I will always be there to guide him so that that he sings stuff with substance.

“I also put my input when it comes to songwriting because I want him to learn from me as well and I would want to call it pressure since I am only showing him the way and how it is done,” he said.

  • FAME

Being a famous dad with a huge following, Jah Prayzah said he would not let his son go astray when fame comes his way.

“Of course he might be a son of a popular artiste/celebrity but he still remains a child both at home and school.

“As a father, I treat him equally to the other children at home and I also expect his teachers to treat him like other learners.

“Parenting is not easy but it has been done at household level so that he won’t embarrass us when he is out there,” he said.

Besides Mukudzei Junior, Jah Prayzah said he was also teaching other children to play music instruments.

“Junior has a younger sister who loves music and like her brother she also wants to play the key.

“She also likes to sing a lot and I always have time with them teaching them the ropes.

“Again, I also teach them manners at home and you won’t believe that they are children of a star and this has always been my wish.”

Jah Prayzah has been parading pictures of his children on social media as a proud father.

During live shows prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, he once introduced Mukudzei Junior at a mammoth festival and the crowd loved him.

Now that he is busy in the studio recording, a lot is expected from Mukudzei Junior when the song is out.

Instant plans to record its visuals are already underway, according to Jah Prayzah’s camp.

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