I DIDN’T BEAT THE KIDS. . .Headmaster rubbishes claims he assaulted pupils over fees

Arron Nyamayaro

A HEADMASTER claims there are people trying to tarnish his image amid reports he beat up students who had not paid their fees.

Some parents and guardians are threatening to demonstrate against Daniel Hlatywayo, the headmaster at Nyangwene Primary School in Mhondoro.

An emergency meeting between parents and the school’s authorities is expected to be held at the school today.

Hlatywayo is alleged to have physically assaulted a number of pupils who had not paid their school fees.

“We are appealing to authorities to remove this headmaster peacefully or we will ruthlessly deal with him,” said one of the parents.

“How can he beat up innocent children as if they are the ones who pay fees?

“This is a direct attack on us and we will not tolerate it.

“We want him removed from the school, he is not fit to be in charge of our children.”

However, Hlatywayo claims this was all a plot to try and tarnish his image.

He told H-Metro:

“Those are false allegations levelled against me.

“Someone is trying to blackmail me.

“The policy is very clear kuti hakuna mwana anodzingirwa kana kuroverwa school levy.

“Payment of levies is a contract between the school and the parent.”

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