I don’t budget time for studio: Tuku

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I don’t budget time for studio: Tuku


9 February 2018


ICON Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi says he doesn’t give himself deadlines in the studio and his 67th album Hany’ga was already done by June last year.

The 65-year-old says whenever he gets an idea or concept, he takes down notes and visits the studio.

The legendary musician opened up midweek on the sidelines of his album launch at Pakare Paye.

“I don’t budget time for studio,” said the Black Spirits boss who continues to set new records.

The footloose son of katekwe told H-Metro he has unreleased stuff in his database which he promised to churn out to fans once he feels the time is ripe to do so.

“I can think of an idea while driving and I stop by the roadside when driving to take down notes.

“I then take the idea to the studio where I will then record an album.

“As for this album – Hany’ga – it was done in June last year and I was just waiting for the right time when I am free,” said Tuku.

Asked why he opted to launch the album in February around midweek, the crooner said:

“This was the only time that I was available and I felt it was proper that I hold a media launch and invite all the people who can disseminate the message to people.

“The is no other better set up that the one we had today here with various stakeholders who can push this product far.”

Tuku also opened up on his illness on tour of Mali last weekend where he gave members of his crew a scare, especially Daisy.

“I had just eaten something zvisina kuendera neni. It was not serious, it was just a reaction but we had a good time there.

“We performed in front of over 35000 people and we had real fun at the venue located along River Niger.

“The atmosphere was electric,” said Tuku who was also glad to fulfil the midweek launch.

With many people who are used to traditional launches which usually turn into music galas, Tuku’s handlers say they felt it was high time they depart from the norm.

Tuku Music spokesperson Walter Wanyanya said it was critical to meet various stakeholders who matter before taking the product to the people.

“We are happy with the launch of the CD and the celebrations will come later.

“I think fans will understand our concept because those who graced the event represent various stakeholders who are pushing this brand.

“We had the media from various platforms and we are confident they will relay the message to the people,” said Wanyanya as he explained Tuku’s new concept at Pakare Paye.

Fellow artistes who graced the event also hailed Tuku for his unique album launch.

Family friend and businessman JOSH HOZHERI challenged Tuku’s handlers to market the album locally since it has already been launched internationally.

“Today was indeed a great day for Tuku fans as the Nzou met the people who are key drivers in pushing his brand.

“What is now left are celebrations where his team now need to celebrate this album with fans.

“There is need to organise a high profile bash or exclusive event where Tuku can proudly celebrate his CD with fans and thank them for their loyalty,” said Hozheri.

The award-winning Afro-jazz crooner commended Tuku as a trend-setter and hailed his for setting new records.

“There is no better representation like the one he had today at his launch.

“There is also no better explanation as Tuku made it clear here that he wanted to interact with people who have made his brand what It is today,” said veteran crooner who happens to be Tuku’s family friend.

The Orchestra Dendera Kings boss, who hails Tuku for his mentorship says he continues learning from the best.

“This was more of a media conference and Tuku has taught us new things and new trends when launching our albums.

“Over the years, we were used to those album launches where CDs are auctioned and the next thing is a bash where some people would even go home without copies of the CDs.

“It dawned to us that there is need to adopt similar concepts where we meet relevant people who can market our new products  and then celebrate with the real fans afterwards after getting  feedback from various stakeholders,” said Sulu who has been flip-flopping on a new album.

Meanwhile, Tuku’s 10-piece band had a good day in office as they sampled some of the songs on the 10-track album.

The tracks comprise Matope, Boboto, Shiringinya, Haasati Aziva, Dehenya, Mahara, Inyasha, Wanza Sori, inombotanga Sei?  and Uchatinhei.

On Wednesday, his team comprised backing vocalists Fiona Gwena, Samantha Mtukudzi and cowbell player Picky Kasamba.

Instrumentalists comprised Charles Njekesa on bass guitar, Joseph Chinouriri (saxophonist), Rodwell Rhoda (lead guitarist), Prosper Mushipe (keyboardist), Keith Musena (drummer) and marimba player Simba Mutanga with Tuku on the acoustic guitar completing the set.

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