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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Jah Bless says he doesn’t regret quitting his job at the Grain Marketing Board  to pursue a career in reggae and dancehall.

Born Tavona Kevin Padoro 46 years ago, the pint-sized singer who is now using Ganjatrix as new stage name, said music has always been his first love.

Jah Bless

Although it has taken him long to enjoy the fruits of his compositions, the Kwewe bred chanter said he was living his dream.


He opened up to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle following the success of his latest 18-track album titled Born To Lead.

Jah Bless

He worked with three international producers and 10 locals in search of a unique sounds which has a global appeal.


However, it is his decision to quit what appeared a better paying job at GMB Norton to pursue music.

“I’m not just an ordinary singer but I actually went to school and started several diplomas and even an MBA at the Unversity of Zimbabwe.


“I used to work at GMB Norton but I couldn’t resist the calling for music.


“Growing up, music has always been my first love, calling which runs in my DNA.


“I have been pushing hard over the years to ensure that I make an international breakthrough,” he said.


The former Shungu High learner, who touched hearts of dancehall lovers with the song Kana Ndouya Ikoko on the Werras Riddim,  reckons he has made great strides to conquer the international market.


“I have recorded with international producers on this latest album and gave interviews to a number of international radio stations in the Caribbean  and even beyond.


“I was in South Africa in recent months pushing my works  and I am glad to say that all my efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.


“I will continue doing my best and only time will tell because I’m really focused with what I am doing,” he said.


Besides Born To Lead, he boasts of three other albums namely Yedu Singles Collection released in the year 2016, King of Zim Dancehall (2017) and USazvitasuira Pasi.


He has also released a series of successful singles namely Kana Ndouya Ikoko, Entertainer  and Waymaker among others.

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