I don’t regret sex lessons – Zoey

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I don’t regret sex lessons – Zoey


Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

Zoey says she doesn’t regret complementing her earnings by teaching women sex lessons.

The 31-year-old, who is now a hit with both married and single ladies itching to impress their partners, runs a sex therapy school at her Mabelreign residence.

“There is no such thing as using juju on your partner, it is all in the way you handle men in bed.

“Many women come to me, even those that are married to be taught how to ‘dance’ for their partners and how to handle them in bed.

“I actually have a case where both an aunt and daughter-in-low come to take the same lessons,” she said.

On her dance classes that she also runs, Zoey added:

“There are different things that we teach at my dance classes because people would want different things.

“Some women would want to be taught how to whine for their dates if they go out and some would want to learn how to properly walk with high heels and some want to know how to move when they are in bed.

“You cannot become a very good dancer without first doing specific exercises that help you be flexible on stage.”

Zoey said that there are some men who actually come to take her classes too.

“Men that come to ask for my help are taught to be flexible and also how to dance by my male dancer.

“They want to be able to handle their women.

“Some men come to ask me to teach their wives how to do pole dancing as they watch.

“I even teach women that are older than me that want to keep satisfying their men,” Zoey said.

Asked what she does in terms of personal fitness, Zoey said she does a lot of exercises.

“Men want big assets but when we go on stage to perform those big rears tire us.

“Big bosoms and behind do not matter when you are a dancer because they will pull you back.

“I keep trimming my weight so that I do not get too tired when I will be performing on stage,” Zoey told H-Metro.


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